Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Global Militant Fronts

"World Risk MAP" measures the risk of political violence to international business

First some business:
Seems that through a network of individuals, organisations and media outlets the public has a reference map that coincides with the "War Room."  A move was orchestrated last weekend (7/12/14) where as all fronts of civil war converged.  Under all this tension is Russia and holding some steady moves after sanctions from the U.S. and EU.

From the Russian Voice
"Together we should think about a system of measures that would help prevent the harassment of countries that do not agree with some foreign policy decisions made by the United States and their allies, but would promote a civilized dialogue on all points based on mutual respect", Putin said.

BRICS have enough influence in the world to prevent unilateral punitive initiative and BRICS economies are still the fastest growing economies in the world.  This gives the countries the power to add some balance to the international economic situation.  Also to provide something that would ensure the development of international trade even in the conditions of the punitive sanctions that some countries might decide to impose in the future on to one of the BRICS member states.

One thing is certain: thanks to organizations like ExposeFacts, WikiLeaks, Oath Keepers, and WildLeaks (the recently launched secure platform for submitting evidence of crimes against wildlife and forests), more and more government employees are becoming aware of secure venues to reveal lawlessness, abuse of authority, and corruption.
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Second some research: Mapping Militant Organisations
This research project traces the evolution of militant organizations and the interactions that develop between them over time. Findings are presented in interactive “maps,” which provide both (1) visual representations of how relationships among militant organizations change over time and (2) links to in-depth profiles of individual groups.
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Organizations like this and above are streaming more and more info daily.  For following these out break of war as to why and how is quite complicated with all the vehicles that place banks, governments, corporations, militant groups, corporate military on this world monopoly chess board.  We're able to come away with a better understanding of the tactics of currencies in economics and war, the world over.
Man made "World Monopoly"

Before closing I would like to bring something to mind, here in the States, The United States, (the government) America (the people) is on the front and in the middle of "Global Militant Fronts."  Every religion known to man has been at war at some point in human history, the foully of man and strength.  These religions live here in the States.  All colour know to man, lives here in the States and yet we're not burning in the streets. (been there, Indian to Civil War, done that, race & rights riots, got the T-shirt)  Separate the ideology of The United States, from the word America for a moment.  That was the ground laid for all to stand, a constitution of framework, a Republic where no one is higher than the law.  Many of those humans live here in the States.

The good People of the world have had enough already. In order to usefully interpret the realm of common, shared experience and history, we must each make certain "over-beliefs" in things which, while they cannot be proven on the basis of experience but helps us to live fuller and better lives.


From Kurzgesagt:
It is not possible to explain a complicated topic like this without simplification.  We are very aware that this video is not painting a full picture of the situation.  But we hope that it may lay the foundation on which you can try to do your own research and understand how horribly Fu**ed up the whole situation is.

"We make short videos, explaining things."

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

American corporations fleeing and Ronnie Moas Blacklist

Ronnie Moas with Max
Alright I'm coming out hard today, well like that's nothing new!  Here we have once again the Keiser Report with the beloved Stacy Herbert turning the pages on what's going on in the upside down world of big money.  First large American Corps. will be fleeing the country in search for lower taxes of profits made, this has also contributed to shell companies abroad in tax shelters in avoiding paying their fair share to the the country where they are based.  The U.S. government has made foreign banks come to the table to expose such companies and individuals or fees will be paid for hiding their customers'.  Swiss bank Credit Suisse pleaded guilty Monday to the charge that it facilitated wealthy Americans who sought to commit tax evasion, becoming the first major bank to admit criminal wrongdoing in over 20 years and agreeing to pay $2.6 billion in fines. 

The United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, at 35%, add in state and local taxes and it averages 40%.  Yet overseas you can pay as little as 15%  and Walgreens mentioned yesterday they might be leaving America.  Go ahead, get out of here and by all means take your other pals with ya along with the nimrods' in congress, we'll rebuild and be better for it.

Also in the first half of the show The Keiser Report brings to light the over leverage affect. They discuss the one single ton of aluminum that could be the collateral for tens of millions of pounds worth of properties and passports in the UK.  When the banks go to collect on the collateral, all they will find is a pair of crickets in the corner.

Now for the worst part for some and best part for many,  a theory I myself have worked on (G.C.C.U.) to make all of us (the consumer) a better player on the man made board of Monopoly.  Max interviews Ronnie Moas of philanthropyand about blacklisting and boycotting 'bad' companies.  Ronnie today is the top adviser on stock purchases in the world, his platform Standpoint Research is a Wall Street giant but has come to an abrupt change.

From Ronnie:

Of the nearly 200 active research firms and fund managers that Motley Fool has been tracking since 2006 -- in affiliation with and Yahoo!  Finance that have a statistically significant sample size of recommendations on file, Standpoint Research is the # 1 ranked firm for accuracy through January 11, 2014 – 69.77% of our (371) time-stamped recommendations since Q4, 2008 beat the S&P-500 by at least 500 bps.  No audited firm in financial services can match that figure.  We did this without taking a sector bet, market cap bet or directional bet.  In fact most of the major research firms trail us by more than twenty percentage points.  (end from Ronnie)

That is huge statistics and loved by the fund managers but wait;  so not only are large corporations seeking lower taxes, wages, healthcare to increase profits for share holders but a new cost is on the horizon, morale of employees and affect on humanity.  Ronnie explains, "Philanthropy & Philosophy was created in order to educate, seek justice, tell the truth, raise awareness and activism, and encourage more charitable giving and philanthropy.  I am nauseated and infuriated by what I see in our society and will try to change the system until I am out of breath. Speaking nicely to the upper classes and corporations has gotten the poor and unfortunate in this world -- and those speaking on their behalf -- nowhere.  I am going to take a more aggressive approach and hopefully the results will be better.  If I am forced to humiliate those at the top -- I will."

All the tea in China will not have an affect on public view here on out.  Once more there are tools being developed at an grass root level that will bring about change for all societies of humanity.  One tool that is going to turn into a massive fund leader will be hedge funds that down grade stocks of corporations doing humanity injustice.  Welcome to The New World Order, brought to you by the public, we're now in the game.  Who do you want to take out?  And the band played on, oh the poor dears don't like the new music, tough!  It's sack time!

You know what touched this man?  Ronnie went for a walk and came to the understanding of what it is to be more humane than human.  You'll read into that at his about page at Philanthropy and Philosophy.

Thanks for showing up Ronnie, your what's rightwiththeship Sir!  Many more coming on board day by day.   

Here's Ronnie of Standpoint Research Feb. 2014 Blacklist

Philanthropy and Philosophy

Standpoint Research 

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Top Ranking Stock Analyst Calls for Mass Wealth Redistribution

Abby Martin interviews Ronnie Moas, Founder of Standpoint Research and Creator of about his work as an ethical stock analyst and why he's urging Wall Street to consider massive wealth redistribution.

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Debt and Deception and Ronnie Moas prt 2 Interview
Debt and deception that led to the bond market sell off in 2013, the ongoing crisis of fraud and dark pools in London and falsified gold contracts in China.

Also continued from episode 619 from above (American corporations fleeing and Ronnie Moas Blacklist) Max asked Ronnie if he could stay for another episode, so here it is.  "Ronnie" prt 2 time stamp 13:15 with Max as Ronnie is downgrading Philip Morris, Apple, Amazon, McDonald's, CVS and Walmart to Strong Sell -- Blacklisted on Ethical and Moral Grounds.

Channel "RT TV"

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Well I got a feeling something is going wrong for the Board!

I really enjoy mixing tunes with the writings and this one sums it up, as the shoe is becoming the other foot.  I've mentioned this since day one, writing on what started this shit and how to change it!  Well, we're changing Pod and you can feel that.

Chickenfoot's (with Joe Satriani) first album is re-released and re-packaged with a bonus disc featuring 4 exclusive live tracks from the "Different Devil" tour: Lighten Up, Big Foot, Last Temptation and Something Going Wrong. This video combines never-before-seen footage from rehearsal and performance and backstage footage from the Different Devil tour.


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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stimulating GDP and Presidents' Bankers

Market fundamentalism:

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the latest economic theory that more war and alien invasions may save our economies. They also look at inventory fraud and shrinkage at Wal-Mart and how applying that to the economy could boost GDP. In the second half, Max interviews Nomi Prins, a former banker and author of 'All the Presidents' Bankers'. They discuss Tim Geithner's book of lies, the role of bankers in war, financial war crimes and why so many bankers are committing suicide.

Channel "RT TV"

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Nuclear Dump next to Lake Huron?

Ontario Power Generation (OPG), a corporation wholly owned by the Province of Ontario, is asking the federal government to approve its proposal to bury low and intermediate level radioactive nuclear waste under the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant site, (the largest of it's kind, 8 reactors) directly on the shore of Lake Huron, in the Municipality of Kincardine, Ontario.

Called a Deep Geological Repository, DGR or Nuclear Waste Dump, the 31 burial caverns are planned to be 680 metres below the ground carved out of limestone, and will extend to approximately 400 metres from Lake Huron.

Low level radioactive nuclear waste includes contaminated mops, rags and industrial items.  Intermediate level radioactive nuclear waste contains resins, filters, and irradiated components from within the nuclear reactors themselves. Intermediate level nuclear wastes are highly radioactive and many remain radioactive for over 100,000 years.

The Nuclear Waste Dump will be very large approximately 37 acres on the surface and twice that size underground, and will accommodate very large amounts of radioactive wastes that have been generated during the operating life and refurbishment of Ontario's 20 nuclear reactors.  OPG's most recent estimate is that 200,000 cubic meters (7.1 million cubic feet) of nuclear waste in 53,000 containers will be buried in the Dump over 35-40 years.  The Dump w100,ill eventually be sealed with a sand/clay mixture and concrete, and the plan is that within a decade of closure it will no longer be monitored for radioactive leaks. Ten years of pre-closure monitoring will be followed by potentially 300 years of institutional control, and then abandonment.  OPG calls the period following institutional control the "Long Term."

OPG suggests that the Nuclear Waste Dump will safely hold its radioactive contents for 100,000 years.  Is it reasonable to conclude that an unmonitored Nuclear Waste Dump will contain its radioactive contents for 100,000 years?

Article from: Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump  (sign the petition)

The Great Lakes began to form at the end of the last glacial period around 10,000 years ago, as retreating ice sheets carved basins into the land and they became filled with meltwater.  The lakes have been a major highway for transportation, migration and trade, and they are home to a large number of aquatic species.  Many invasive species have been introduced due to trade, and some threaten the region's biodiversity.

Today we have the biggest threat humans, just when you thought we couldn't sink to a lower level of species, low and behold we come up with a Nuclear Waste Dump next to the greatest fresh water on the planet.  I can't even believe I'm posting this, it's bad enough we're running Nuclear Plants next to the oceans, lakes and rivers.  We're going to pay for our stupidly long before the Planet's Climate Change gets to all of us.  Reason being is that large corporations buy their way out of destruction by offering cash, it's reported that OPG offered 35 million to locals to stay on the hush about the project.  We'll sack ourselves first, or is that sacrifice, ah hell same thing.  You know the old saying, "money makes the world go around," what bunch of crap!   

From space three of The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes, Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario they form the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth, containing 21% of the world's surface fresh water.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Great Deceiver

Ukrainian painter Oleg Shuplyak

On Fed Head Janet Yellen's rosy outlook on the economy, Dr. Roberts, who holds a PhD in economics, debates, "I don't see how she can see that the economy is going to start growing.  What is going to make it grow?  Why should investors invest money when consumers don't have any money?  There are no retail sales.  I think it is just part of the rah, rah talk.  Everywhere else in the world is going down the tube.  So, what's going to push the American economy up?  Nothing that I know of."

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, "What I find most amusing about this is they had to claim some real growth in the first quarter so, they eked out 1%.  Now we know they got that by rigging the inflation number they used to deflate the gross domestic product (GDP).  The real GDP in the first quarter, properly deflated, was negative and probably also in the fourth quarter.  Most likely, this coming quarter, they are not going to be able to hide the fact that it is negative.  I am convinced the first quarter was negative, and I don't see how it could possibly go positive in the second quarter."

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal.  He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate.  He has had many university appointments.  His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.  Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism, Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

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