Friday, March 30, 2012

Japan's Tsunami Who's Tough?

Well, it's been a year since this disaster and even today I believe for the remainder of history the photos and videos are just mesmerizing.  From the news media and amateur filming it puts you there, the arriving tsunami to the shore has never been recorded like it has here.  The beach is so exposed as the water is pulled away by the rolling monster coming in and you can see more stages of the tsunami in the background.  Words really can't explain this but seeing it unfold leaves you in amazement.  At the 40-second mark, a surveillance  camera is filming the tsunami coming into the airport!
Beach being exposed


Oirase Town Tsunami

Come on Tsunami
This is located in the fishing port town Hyaku-seky, on the eastern coast line of Aomori Prefecture, facing the Pacific Ocean, population 24,363 and one very brave amateur filmmaker. The smoke on the horizon is  from the smoke stacks of Mitsubishi Paper Mill.  You'll see here he gave himself 7 seconds to move before being swept away by the tsunami. The rise in water comes in three waves.  Boy you have balls the size of King Kong!


In Coming!

Don't know the location of this video but you can see how the ocean rises into the channel and just takes everything with it.  Once again a very brave amateur filmmaker lets you watch this unfold.


Your Car Turns into a Boat!

OK you're sitting in traffic, I'm sure all around you know there's a tsunami warning but your stuck and here comes the water!  The video here is in Japanese but you will get the overwhelming experience there is nowhere to go!
Here again is a brave amateur filmmaker recording this as he sits in his car!   Wow man, the planet will view Japan as nothing but brave.


Ground and Aerial Footage   
Japan, You are Tough!
Those hunting sirens along with the voice coming over the loudspeakers reminds me of the movies of Godzilla crashing into town.  Afterward you will see here where the debris is dragged back out to the Pacific ocean where much of it has sunk and other floaters continue its journey out to sea. Also at time stamp 1:36 is that the Ghost Ship?  found off the Alaskan coast, yep that's her.


Japan's Tsunami Ghost Ship

It has been a year now and the debris pulled out to the Pacific Ocean is showing up on the American shores.  I can only think when you find something from Asia that you will look west over the ocean and say a prayer.

A Japanese coastguard spokesman said the boat belonged to a fishing firm in Hakodate, Hokkaido, and had been anchored in Hachinohe, Aomori, when the tsunami struck.

The unidentified owner told Japanese media he had given up hope of seeing the boat.

"I had not dreamed that it would cross the Pacific," the Yomiuri Shimbun quoted him as saying.
"I have already abandoned my proprietary right. I would like (the Japanese government) to help scrap it by talking to countries concerned."
The vessel is the largest item (210ft vessel) confirmed to have crossed the Pacific Ocean after the tsunami in March last year, but it is thought to be at the vanguard of a huge swirl of debris ripped from the shore.

I know the ship was a hazard in the shipping lanes but you know something, she sailed on her own all that way.  I believe people would have been interested if this ship was made available as a museum piece representing the aftermath of the tsunami.  I mean you might have gone to Alaska to see The Ghost Ship.
The Last you will see of The Ghost Ship


Japan's Ocean Debris Field Model 
Debris Field
Nikolai Maximenko senior researcher with International Pacific Center has created a simulated computer model of the movement of the debris field that will move across the Pacific.  In a span of several years it seems Hawaii will have the most impact of this debris.


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