Monday, March 4, 2013

Bitcoin Digital Currency (Thank You)

                            Thanks for the Help, Your Welcome Mate,

New World currency, Digital currency,  lots to learn here. (Take the time)  If you go through this top to bottom left to right, you will have a feel for what you want to do with Bitcoins. Like the blog's theme here,  tell me what's right with the ship so we can work the tools we have.  I try to give you those tools,  but we have to work hard at it if you want any kind of a change.  Well here ya go,

"Whataya want?  I'm mining here!    

Mining Digital Blocks
Just for Starters,  some 101 so you can get r done:

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin on the market                                                                                                  

Get A Wallet

Mining What? Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining Hardware

High Performance Mining                                 

Bitcoin Mining Rigs

Bitcoin Pools

Bitcoin Pool software

How to Get This Started

Accept Bitcoins for Business

WordPress Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoins for Merchants

Buying Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins 

Some comments on all of this

Bitcoin Myths

Bitcoin is a hedge against the entire global currency system.

Vldeo uploaded by U Tube user TheTechFeed

Max Keiser Bit

speaks "On Corporations and the American School of Economics", at London Bitcoin Conference 2012.

Video uploaded by U Tube user QueuePolitely

Let's go out to a Mine

From the user:

Here is the followup to my custom HVAC cooling solution video. Here I briefly show the insides of our mining rig setup.

Video uploaded by U Tube user diversionhobbies

"One from The Ship"

Besides being important for maintaining the transaction database, mining is also the only mechanism by which Bitcoins get created and distributed among the people in the Bitcoin economy in the first place.

"This goes out to all you miners"

Video uploaded by U Tube user kkiilljjooy


11/10/13- The recent theft of US$1 million in bitcoins will only make open source P2P money exchange stronger.

Full Story RT News

2/25/14- Mt Gox loses over $300mn in bitcoin heist

Mt Gox, once the world's largest bitcoin exchange, has lost 744,000 bitcoins, or 6 percent of total units in circulation. Technical glitches in February have forced the trading platform to consider filing for bankruptcy.  

Mental Note:
Mt Gox where is the money?  Why would you let an exchange keep your digital currency?  They got hacked!  

You have a bank it's your computer (Wallet) and with that back it up and back that up!  If your worried about your wallet getting hacked set up two accounts.  1 for mining, receiving and sending coins online.  2 for moving the coins to a safe wallet that is not online 24/7 only for the time of deposit, good luck anyone hacking that!

Channel "RT TV" (Full Story)


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