Thursday, April 19, 2012

Consumers and Bank of America

Life needs a sporting chance and that's where you come in. Going to approach this by the book,  good and bad news through media available.  Time for any company to start working for you because you're going to vote on it!  Back to ethics and working for the common good.  So how is any of this doing?  You decide, we're keeping score!

Update: In August 2014, Bank of America agreed to a near-$17 billion deal to settle claims against it relating to the sale of toxic mortgage-linked securities including subprime home loans, in what was believed to be the largest settlement in U.S. corporate history. The bank agreed with the U.S. Justice Department to pay $9.65 billion in fines, and $7 billion in relief to the victims of the faulty loans which included homeowners, borrowers, pension funds and municipalities. Real estate economist Jed Kolko said the settlement is a "drop in the bucket" compared to the $700 billion in damages done to 11 million homeowners. Since the settlement covered such a substantial portion of the market, he said for most consumers "you're out of luck."

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