Friday, April 20, 2012

Consumers and Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is the 4th largest bank here in the US. and 2nd largest in home mortgage services.  Wells Fargo Home Mortgage service worked with one out of 4 home mortgage loans, valued at 1.8 trillion dollars.  Now that's a lot of people working with Wells Fargo and I have to ask one question, hows it going?

Update: During the 2016 World Series a commercial aired claiming Wells Fargo is "Renewing our commitment to you".  I have to ask, why did you ditch the commitment in the first place?  This is like renewing wedding vows after cheating on your spouse!  You paid for this commercial?  It's 2016 now, 8 years after the 2008 financial crisis and you forged 2 million customer accounts!  This institution needs to go out to pasture and that's being kind.

Update 7/29/17:

It Just Doesn't Let Up With Wells Fargo

Whoops, did I forget a link to Wells Fargo?  No Sir, it's by design. Welcome to the New Real World. (NRW)      

Wells Fargo Wild West

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Some Vids

wellsfargo (this will get pulled so go here


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