Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fooled Again?

This video is by Joe Szutarski and was created in 1993.  He mentions in a description that some songs are timeless.  That couldn't be truer if you look at the time frame from when he posted this as if looking into a mirror.  The reflection is the same but the calendar on the wall shows 2012.  I mean I can remember the peace riots in the 60s and reading about all revolutions before and after.

One thing present in all of this and that's people having about enough.  Can get a lot done banning together and you feel good inside because you're trying to move in the right direction.  But for some reason, it fades away and tips the scales once again.  If you want something to continue it has to run like a machine 24/7 and yes this needs much maintenance and worth it,  pushing for the common good.  So this time the stage is different thanks to technology, which always moves ahead in good times or bad.  At no point in our existence on the planet have we been more informed and linked to one another through media.

Being popular is going to become a positive icon for society, you either like or dislike something and can now grade it with an easy click.   This is something that is not going away this time, you can get so beat up on Facebook, You Tube to a point you wish you did not show up.  Many entities fear this, and it has an effect.

We're not going to take it and we're here to stay this time Pod.
The G.C.C.U.        

Great job on the vid Joe

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