Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ron Paul

The Ron Paul campaign's latest ad shows once again that Dr. Paul is the only candidate with a serious plan to tackle America's serious problems.

Ron Paul finished a distant second in the Kentucky primary, despite his son being the state’s junior senator. But a Paul supporter — a backer of both Ron and Rand (who reciprocated) easily won the Republican nomination in the fourth congressional district.

Thomas Massie defeated his nearest opponent in a four-way race 44.8 percent to 28.6 percent. The district has been represented by a Republican for all but six years since 1967 — when quite conservative Democrat Ken Lucas held the seat — making Massie a heavy favorite to win the general election in November.

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul was endorsed today by the Hon. Jordan Mason, City Councilman, Ward 4 of Rapid City, South Dakota.

In making public his endorsement, Councilman Mason said he was doing so as a private citizen and not on behalf of any organization with which he is affiliated.

“I stand for strong fiscal policy. I stand for solving our problems at home before we try to solve other countries’ problems abroad. I stand for liberty and I stand for the American dream. And so I stand behind Ron Paul,” said Councilman Mason.


America is the greatest nation in human history. Our respect for individual liberty, free markets, and limited constitutional government produced the strongest, most prosperous country in the world. But, we have drifted far from our founding principles, and America is in crisis. Ron Paul’s “Restore America” plan slams on the brakes and puts America on a return to constitutional government. It is bold but achievable. Through the bully pulpit of the presidency, the power of the Veto, and, most importantly, the united voice of freedom-loving Americans, we can implement fundamental reforms.


Dr. Paul is the only candidate with a plan to cut spending and truly balance the budget. This is the only plan that will deliver what America needs in these difficult times: Major regulatory relief, large spending cuts, sound monetary policy, and a balanced budget.


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Update 8/27/12

Less than 12 miles away from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Texas Rep. Ron Paul gave an impassioned farewell speech to about 8,000 raucous supporters at a farewell rally Sunday night where he declared the so-called Ron Paul Revolution was not over.

The six hour "We are the Future" rally was a tribute to Paul, who has run for President unsuccessfully three times. It began at noon, and didn't reach fever pitch until around 5pm when Paul addressed the crowd after hours of speeches from economists, Sen. Tom Davis of South Carolina , Paul's son Sen. of Kentucky Rand Paul, and more.
"We'll get into the tent, believe me, because we'll become the tent eventually," Paul said of the established Republican Party that is "failing" the country but that will one day join his followers. "Once they know we are the future they will know about us."
"The answer is not more efficient government," Paul said in his speech, which ran for slightly more than an hour. "It's getting government out of things they're not supposed to be doing."
Meanwhile, on Monday, presumptive GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan told Fox News that he feels confident that Paul's supporters would end up being "very comfortable with us."

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