Sunday, June 10, 2012

Something Good Coming

We all read and write about this, the good, the bad and ugly.  But there is something in the air and you can feel it... All over the globe there is despair caused by the financial crisis.  With all the bad apples, it's hard to come across a Golden Delicious, that would be us, "a tireless minority keen to set the brush fire in the minds of men".  Keep squawking and ranting on the mischievous business practice and make it a practice of not to do business with those who have chosen money as their GOD!

An old WWII vet the Serg., once told me that in our society a pendulum swings, which to the right is of the people and left would be our government and corporations.  Well, she is too far left for anyone's liking.  We're all in just like a poker game and the deck is stacked, in humanities favor, simply because of the numbers informed and we're heading towards the Common Good.

"We all love something, we have this in common"

Have a GOOD week,
Mark-mb productions


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