Monday, October 22, 2012

Presidential Debate- This you can Feel!

Town Hall and perfect that were in New York and the pressure is on. All I can say as to any President in office and seeking to win office is that you need some Balls and carry them.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on “Fox News Sunday” gave as good a summation of the fiasco as anyone has:

This is going to be a case study, studied for years of a breakdown of national security at every level, failed presidential leadership, senior members of the Obama administration failed miserably. The Benghazi, Libya, consulate was becoming a death trap. The British left. The Red Cross left because of the deteriorating security environment. We were requesting additional security; it was denied because we wanted to normalize relationships with a nonexistent government.

We should have closed the consulate long before September 11th, or heavily reinforced it, and I put that on the president of the United States. This was a national security breakdown before, during and after the attack. . . .
This [consulate] was under siege for months. It had been attacked twice. Everybody else has left Benghazi but us. We were refused additional security request because we wanted to normalize relationships.

Time we need a butt kicker who is it?
For over seven hours on September the 11th, the day of heightened concern throughout the world for America, the anniversary of our September 11th attack, this consulate was attacked for over seven hours and there were no land forces available to reinforce the consulate, no Air Force — no air power sent over to help these people for over seven hours.

Here is a debate that is much of a firing line that you may ever see and hear in a Presidential debate. Take off the suit jackets and put on the gloves!

We're all tired of listening to change, want to feel it!   This part of the debate highlights that moment, 17:46 take from the debate. (good one to review)  


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