Monday, May 6, 2013

Being Honest

The public becoming judge and jury
Being honest today is having an impact on our society in business and politics with respect to all levels in-between.  This is really dynamic with the idea big brother is watching you, in reality, we're watching everyone and everything thanks to the media content available to everyone.  Makes it hard to pull the wool over one's eyes today, once something is leaked out it goes under the public microscope as for analysis of conspiracy, false flag, deception and certainly the truth.  Once the condition of a scenario has gone through the public ringer like the comment section of a vid on YouTube,  that entity has been judged by no law and swift actions by parties involved tend to see the light.

Look at AIG during this past winter claimed they were going to sue the Federal government as a loan shark when this news hit the media well it went viral over a weekend and come Monday their decision to sue was pulled.  No attorneys no courtroom (which saved the tax payers money on the debt clock) just public outrage that races around the planet in hours today if not minutes.  This has become a very powerful tool in keeping folks in line for their actions on a playing field that has not been so strong until now.  It works because you stop spending your money on companies or corp. who get caught for their lies and they will get caught and the public becomes the punisher.

So for the ones who want to go against the grain in lust of self reward and or control, which in the mean time until caught even hand out awards for a job well lied about.  I would stay away from public media for today it's a meat grinder, ah your welcome and by all means keep it up cause we love busting your butt!

Enjoy this clip about honesty!  The truth hurts, but at that point, it's over.     

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