Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nora Craig Needs to go Viral

In less than three minutes - This Lady 'Nails It'!

This needs to go viral!!!

The New Jersey Senate and Public Safety Committee has approved seven new gun control measures and there was fierce opposition from gun rights advocates who packed the hearings. Gun rights advocate, Nora Craig, says she is only afraid of one thing.....

We're tired of the oath breakers, many have blatantly bend and broken the rules by which guides us while others keep a code of silence which makes them accessory.   I truly believe our society is at a tipping point where all will stand, then there will be NO MORE!  Some say it's too late, what?  All of us have not tried hard enough or done anything for that matter but as the clock rolls off the hours our society is changing.  The most powerful tool you have is the money you spend, keep it out of wrong hands.  With all that has gone to hell with this economy and government, many new entrepreneurs are on the rise creating new business.  Creation is the mother of invention (mom) there's no stopping that and many love this country, that's going to be hard to STOP!  


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