Thursday, July 18, 2013

Detroit files for Bankruptcy

Wow, this is huge Pod, never in the history of our nation has an entire city file for bankruptcy!  Talk about too big to fail, the banksters get bailed out but the people of a great city like Detroit are left to sink, now you know who is on your side. People have left the Motor City in droves, a number once at 1.8 million in the 50s and now down to 700,000, folks hanging on.  The murder rate is at an all-time high for nearly 40 years and the abandoned building is at a staggering rate of 78,000.

The economic downturn was caused by the banks.  Let's not confuse that or associate it with anything but the banksters.  The Feds gave them a bailout with no strings attached sighting to big to fail, would have been nice to see many of them go but your tax dollars saved their ass.  Have you noticed new names in banks popping up?  For if they were associated with the ones of this crash you would not even walk through the door, but it's the same banksters with a new store front, they were given money to maneuver.  As for the regulators who grade all financial vehicles, made theses investments look like a great buy. Pay no attention to what they say! 

Detroit is a public Titanic and a shock wave that's going to affect others.  Sadly the hand of corruption also played a role in this great city and just maybe after the dust settles on all of this across America where the money dries up it will rid our nation of the greedy Jack Wagons.  Do all of America a favor, do not bank with the buggers who caused the Sub Prime mortgage disaster, swaps and derivatives which not only affected towns and cities but countries as a whole, it's what JP Morgan Chase sold to Greece!   Douglas Bernstein, a bankruptcy attorney at Plunkett Cooney in the Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills, said he expected the case would last one-to-three years and would be very costly. "This could run to tens-of-millions to hundreds-of-millions of dollars," he said.


Uncle Ted Stranglehold

Motor City needs you son!  We have to retake our Nation!  Ya know something, get ready for the largest blown out Rock Concert that will benefit Detroit. The cries of this nation are going to be answered by the Brother's and Sister's who love this Land!  It's open season on all Jack Wagons!

See ya in Detroit

Eagle Rock

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