Thursday, September 5, 2013

Katy Perry "Roar"

Wow, the new Jane of the jungle, this video couldn't have came out at a better time and just released, it's over 5 million hits in a day and a half!  If Tarzan only had this Jane!  If I was part of a search team I'd pull the throttle, belly land in the water and call off the rescue mission!  Me Tarzan, now.

This will make you feel good Pod, keep the faith.

About the video:  After surviving a plane crash, her boyfriend get's whacked by a Tiger.  Katy Perry quickly adjusts to island life, the first order of business?  She takes care of herself by making a spear out of her stiletto heel, fighting an alligator and taming a tiger (Kitty Purry).  Katy Perry then creates a sexy ensemble for herself of a cleavage-baring, Leopard-print bra top, grass skirt and flower headdress.  Oh, Mama!

From Perry:  "Roar" is "a song about speaking up for yourself because there was a time in my life I didn't stand for anything, so I fell for everything.  Sometimes you can feel burdened by people or a thing or a relationship and it causes you to go inside yourself, versus saying 'Hey!  No, this isn't okay.'"


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