Monday, December 30, 2013

Fear Factor the Gig is Up

The Fear Factor
 Happy New Year Pod!  Now the problem with this is many people around the world are not happy, why is that?  OK, first whether you relies it or not we are experiencing World War III.  This war showed it's ugly face to the public on 9/11, from there you can follow the breadcrumbs which leads to a constant struggle of keeping world currencies in check.  Remember, this is the game of Monopoly on a world board.  On many occasions throughout history when country leaders get toppled from their position is because they were going against the grain of the Monopoly money and wanted to use their own.  This is how sanctions start along with hired terrorist groups to help push the issue, face it no army or military group can operate without funds, this requires great support and no army can support itself without constant outside supply.  The army is not making money to resupply itself, your too busy fighting, so outside support is key to all destruction along with a diversion to start this bullshit.

You have watched this play out with Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan just to name a few and this game is getting old, we're all tired of this shit, War!  Except for the ones who profit from such acts.  Well, the tables are slowly turning for the simple reason other countries who have been bullied by this process through the years are teaming up with each other and creating quite a stir.  Russia has become quite the player on the game board and along with China who can kick their ass?  The two countries alone and bringing other countries on board throughout the region across the Atlantic are trading their own currencies and moving away from the dollar, this is happening.  China will buy more oil from Iran at levels not seen since tough sanction of 2012 from the West, which will piss off Washington and India is buying oil also. 

Just this Christmas and released Christmas Day Russia cut a deal with Syria which will drill offshore from Syria for oil to help restore the country. Ah, Vladimir Putin is no pudding and where's the gold?  At some point, the dollar will fail and the Federal Reserve printing machine will grind to a halt.  This is going to have a huge impact on economic markets around the world but I think many countries feel it is necessary and simply have had enough of the horse play.  The only reason this has not happen already is every country is so far in debt with foreign exchange that the money lost will be recorded in our history books.  Every country owes, the Debt to GDP Ratio helps you with this equation, every country has a spending habit to GDP (have a look) any number over 60% is a disaster waiting to happen and when one fails it will be a domino effect, they'll all go!  I mean you can't run a household if your spending outgrows your income and like many countries like Ireland sitting at 1105% of GDP your sunk!  So the numbers speak for themselves that's the beauty of math and science, it don't lie and by calculating the future, the genius on top of all this has a broken pencil and or no batteries in the calculator.

So once again this Monopoly is man made and to get you to think differently a fear factor is implemented.  All around the world today there is revolution towards governments, showing the gig is up.  Many countries are scrambling for an idea to save their ass.  One example is France, which will charge companies and it's employees who make over 1 million in profit and or salaries will face a 75% tax, yea right.  We'll keep an eye on that and see how many people stay in France! 

The threat of the Central Banks in the UK which might give all bank accounts over $100,000 a haircut to support the banking system.  A true sign of no real money, it's all been printed to keep up with outrageous spending and bailing out the banks.  
It's been rumored here in the states that all savings and retirement accounts might have to help with government bail out and you would receive bonds in exchange for money taken, ah, a Mead notebook is worth more money.  So here we are, World War III the Soft Power War.


Column Five

Follow the Money

From Dave Berzack: The Petrodollar system compensates by making the dollar the only currency that can be used to buy petroleum, which is necessary for every aspect of modern life.
Saddam Hussein planned to sell Iraq's oil for Euros. Months later, the United States invaded the country and removed him from power, which canceled that plan.
Gaddafi attempted a similar scheme, trading oil for a Unified African gold-based currency. He was similarly removed from power and killed.

Dave Berzack

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