Saturday, July 26, 2014

Roll Call

Roll Call joined YouTube Aug 22, 2013, the Newspaper of Capitol Hill, is part of CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Roll Call, which employs the largest newsroom dedicated to covering Congress.  CQ was founded in 1945 by Nelson Poynter and his wife, Henrietta Poynter, with the aim of providing a link between local newspapers and the complex politics within Washington D.C. CQ has the largest news team covering Capitol Hill, with more than 100 reporters, editors and researchers. CQ's readership includes 95 percent of the members of Congress, academic and media outlets, as well as members of business and nonprofit organizations, government affairs and the executive branch.

You won't find full versions on the networks some does air on C-SPAN but nowhere will you find "Congressional Hits and Misses" other than Roll Call YouTube Channel, have a look and by all means Sub this channel your countrymen thank you.

Roll Call (web site)

Video uploaded by U Tube user Roll Call


One day after President Barack Obama urged Congress to move quickly on a request for $3.7 billion in emergency funds to address the Texas border crisis, Speaker John A. Boehner made it clear the spending supplemental will not be rubber-stamped.

"We're not giving the president a blank check."


Responding to a question from a federal worker about federal pay freezes, sequestration and furloughs, President Barack Obama pivoted to broadly defending the federal government during a town hall event in Minneapolis, Minn.

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