Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Let's #MakeItHappy

Coke Make it Happy

 It was just a matter of time for this even to work, the concept of happy. Linked, like the server above the whole world, is in on our dilemmas and success. Just maybe by chance of human evolution we're going to understand "The Balance."

In Davos this year, the Forum was speaking of Anti-Corruption where maybe in 5 to 10 years of cleaning the deck and going under every rock, leaf and tree we could combat greed. Impossible you say, well at this point in time I could not argue but all things change and you're seeing that now.
This is a great step for everything and everyone and truly do applaud Coke for this campaign in an attempt to spark some life in what is just. The world population is leaning towards share and have affected the marketplace, the corporate entities see this and reflects on the balance sheet.

Face it the public is not buying like we use to and for good reason, the public wouldn't have hate for so many scenarios in our economics if the strings were not being pulled where few win and the rest lose.  All things, "The Balance" what happen and revolve around humans has an effect on which you buy.  I just read the other day in an article where the consumer is not spending the savings their receiving from fuel cost.  Are you frickin kidding me, if that's all the poor bugger has to save by all means do it, hoard it like the banks do, you have learned well.  This just goes to show you that the consumer is the most powerful player on the board and if your not happy, your not buying for whatever reason.

Congratulation Mates,  your turning heads!


The Internet can be used to spread either happiness or hate. To either hurt someone or make someone's day.  At the end of the day, it's whatever we make it.

Aashvi Disney

Pay With Lovin'

Coca Cola We Got This

Corporations as a whole will get this as time rolls on, you're very important Mate and for McDonald's if they would just go back to that old burger from day one where the bun was toasted on the grill along with the onions, the drive through would be packed.  Luck is not a factor,  that little burger sold millions and put 'em on the map.

In the meantime this is good marketing, we all love someone and\or thing and with that comes great respect and ethics in one's work

Give Lovin'  Get Lovin'

Through February 14, 2015, McDonald’s will randomly select customers to Pay With Lovin’.



  1. You are so right, Mark! Changing our negativity to the positive is the foundation that must be built one interaction at a time to make a positive difference in this world. The good news is that each of us can do this over and over again, many times each day.

    Before saying, writing, or doing something negative, I challenge each of us to take a moment and count our blessings. Thereby changing our perspective and turning that negative into a positive.

    1. Thanks Cuz, The New Balance all Things, we're in this together.

      I know you get it!