Monday, March 23, 2015

Hal received JackWagon Orders

"I'm completely operational"
America in contrast to Hal:

I don't know if HAL (America) is homicidal, suicidal, neurotic, psychotic, or just plain broken.

Whether we are based on carbon or silicon makes no fundamental difference.
We should each be treated with appropriate respect. (Republic)

HAL was told to lie - by people who find it easy to lie.  HAL doesn't know how.

I don't care who it is.  The situation was in conflict with the basic purpose of HAL's (America's) design:  The accurate processing of information without distortion or concealment.  He (WE) became trapped.  The technical term is an H. Moebius loop, (propaganda, false flag, information wars) which can happen in advanced computers with autonomous goal-seeking programs.  For humans, this would be referred to Gold seeking with our present state of State Heads with their banks and corporation Pals.  Like Hal, America (the people) have been lied to, the United States (gov) was told to lie!

HAL was told to lie... by people who find it easy to lie.  HAL doesn't know how, so he couldn't function.  He became paranoid.

Dr. Floyd: Those sons of bitches.  I didn't know.  I didn't know!

“The New Hal on Deck”

Dr. Chandra:  I made a tapeworm.
Dr. Walter Curnow:  You made a what?
Dr. Chandra:  It's a program that's fed into a system that will hunt down and destroy any desired memories.

Hals back with friends:

Heads of State Gone Wild!

MB Productions rightwiththeship

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