Monday, October 5, 2015

Russia on who's Butt?

Russia on a Mission- She's Empty
This past week of airstrikes in Syria by Russia ends the bullying around of some certain nations, The BRICS Nations.  An in-depth article reported March 2015 Syria: Why is Assad still in power? will jive you a better understanding of the Syrian people and the nations around them.  The only problem with a civil war or Holy war is sides can be supported trough influence that campaign agendas and if you're a neighborhood to such war they have a tendency of pulling in all around it.  Russian Senator Igor Morozov "It is known that China has joined our military operation in Syria; the Chinese cruiser has already entered the Mediterranean, an aircraft carrier follows it."

The two axis, East and West are converging on Syria and the assistance to Assad by the BRICS Nations is like NATO to the West.  A bold move on this war board by Vladimir Putin and the support of vested interest nations has changed world wars.  Trade wars are being created as Super Packs as the BRICS Nations grow and more countries are getting on board.  Both sides have a vested interest in the Middle East but this outcome is going leave someone in the cold because who is going to control and write the rules of trade around the world?  The word control is key, as to the Syrian conflict and others around the world, the large theater of war the Big Picture if you will, is the diverse control of properties and many don't like the way it's been going.      

Trade ministers from the Asia-Pacific region have reached a deal on the Pacific trade pact.


US Intel ex-Chief on ISIS

Michael Flynn, a retired U.S. Lieutenant General and former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.


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