Monday, December 19, 2016

Trump's Corey Sticks it to The Democratic Elite Coup

We will be Friends with Russia
Yeah got to love a pair of Brass Balls, Corey Lewandowski, seen here in the vid on national network wearing a U.S./Russian flag friendship pin on his lapel.  At the same time (12/18/16) Hilary Clinton's campaign chairman Podesta on NBC’s Meet the Press made a reference about Trump as Russia's White House lap dog. This narrative was written by the New York Times op-ed columnist Nicholas Kristof implying Saturday in the paper that Trump would be a "lap dog, a Russian poodle."

Corey was President-elect Trump’s first campaign manager before being replaced by Kellyanne Conway, after which he worked as a political commentator for CNN.  Corey is not joining the White House and is instead launching a political consulting firm along with former Trump adviser Barry Bennett. "It is necessary to have strong, organized outside groups who can help ensure the president-elect's agenda is achieved.  My goal is to make sure the priorities of the Trump administration become a reality." Corey said.  Well, Corey and Barry are setting up the firm one block away from the White House, that phone will be ringing.$

What America and the world for that matter, is experiencing a Democratic elite coup, but it goes deeper than that.  Ruling elites of the neocon world are in a huge struggle for control and power, the Brexit kick it off followed by the Trump election and the referendum reform in Italy.  The electoral vote is today and we'll see how this plays out, but a demonic rule is hard at work manipulating everything including the kitchen sink from around the world today.  Since this force was constructed their association of power has always used some type of symbolism that represents their glory.  Well, today Corey Lewandowski raised a huge flag that represents where the world is headed.  We're going to be friends with our neighbors around the world instead of enemies.  For the neocons, there is no money in unity only division, they will lose this position on the man-made monopoly board.          

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