Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cyber Troops Trolling the Truth

'The Truth Hurts', which brings down the walls of injustice.  There is no doubt that individual social media users can spread hate speech, troll other users, or set up automated political communication campaigns.  Unfortunately, this is also an organized phenomenon, with major governments and political parties dedicating significant resources towards the use of social media for public opinion manipulation.  This report comes from the University of Oxford, the ruling class is at their wit's end because you don't believe them and they tried to call us Fake News, oh did that backfire!

Executive summary:
Cyber troops are government, military or political party teams committed to manipulating public opinion over social media.  In this working paper, we report on specific organizations created, often with public money, to help define and manage what is in the best interest of the public. We compare such organizations across 28 countries and inventory them according to the kinds of messages, valences and communication strategies used.
We catalogue their organizational forms and evaluate their capacities in terms of budgets and staffing.  This working paper summarizes the findings of the first comprehensive inventory of the major organizations behind social media manipulation.

Even with the pixie dust blown in our face, I see a one finger salute!  Which shows many have become immune of spellcaster media.

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  1. I sure you are aware of trolls and likely AI or SAI at ENENEWS. Did a write up on it. A colleage started a report on AI, he apparently got pretty deep into it. Intended on doing a report, but he is busy thinking of winter to finish. If you even wanted help and co-author the work, let me know.

    It is also not on my top 10 list of things I must do, but it is the next stage of low cost societal control.

    1. I reviewed and posted on 'Hippie Dog Troll at ENENEWS Destroying the Site' Best way to approach this is by monitoring the comments even a Guppy can't wait that long. No spam, no Troll. I find it easy to spot trolling, the narrative is always associated with a fake name, (does not apply to any social platform) they have no site of their own and just bash people. I just deal with HI 'Human Intelligence'. I guess many feel challenged by AI and Trolling and are not willing to have no comments on their post like me but it saves me a lot of time from deleting comments that are BS. Many sites I read the trolls just get frickin NUKED! Zero Hedge and Wolf Street demonstrates this well. Has ENENEWS ever considered monitoring comments? Any person feels acceptance when approved, it's like achieving a passing grade. At this point with our technology life is a Windows update, please wait.

      As far as social control is concerned, everybody was born with a middle finger unless they let it get chipped. The real problem is too many people love money than their own life, can't be afraid of losing the feed bag. We all live in an economy that is based on fear and scarcity where misery is a big part of the business model. Once realized and it's happening slowly, we will have balance. In the mean time just monitor the comment section, no tool gets a dime or opinion.

  2. OT but
    Sure form an opinion on climate change, it's been doing than throughout the centuries.

    But don't miss the FACT that climate scientists are "adjusting the data". It's common place knowledge now.

    1. Right, and what many don't know without C02 in the atmosphere we would freeze over.