Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Steve Lookner Shorts - Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Resigned

Steve Lookner of 'Right Side Broadcasting Network' brings you into the news live streaming audience comments and utilizing live stream video (when able) from streams around the world.  Boots on the ground with your take on the news!

Steve is not only a charming moderator but a pioneer in news media that pulls everybody in for a round table discussion live.

"That Just Happened"

Steve Lookner with Right Side Broadcasting Network

Full clip RSBN


  1. Sociopaths, the crap of society, rise like cream, to the top.

  2. Your comment has many potential titles for a book. Let us add a cherry on top of that cream. Since we can't shame the shameless (sociopaths) we park a bus up their rear end with searchlights allowing room for a Civic, criminal leaks will pass by for sharing.

    Sharing and Likes have become a dangerous tool for the secret squirrel world, we're here talking about Mayor ED and on your site many others.

    Thanks for Sharing Stock and Commenting (hey that's a book also)