Tuesday, April 10, 2018

No Bridge Gentlemen

Comes a time in life's play where one's only interest is to cover your butt for wrongdoings and protect ill-gotten money.  How much time and money has the U.S. Congress spent to cover such a play?  Just looking at today where now the FBI has stormed the office of POTUS attorney Cohen to find dirt on President Trump.  This has happened because the unmasking of corrupted on-goings in the U.S. government through manipulation of Pay to Play where the 'Cash Cow' gets a pass and special interest groups advance their holdings.  Whats interesting here is if members of Congress spent as much time padding their own portfolio and covering their butts where would the nation be standing today if this time and money was spent on the interest of America as a whole?

Well, for one thing, the U.S. would have more Allies than enemies, which are mounting.  Thank you guys and gals I just love when everybody in the world hates the U.S. which has been your only success for decades.  I don't want to unload all this on the 115th Congress but you're in line with your predecessors and by the way, it looks like war!  Watching the UN Security Council debate was clear, we're in the last days before all hell breaks out.  Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya scorned on Nikki Haley for her denying Russia the status of friend, saying that the U.S. has no friends, only sycophants.  (Oh man, that's true)  What kicked this off was the claims of chemical attacks from Assad on rebel-held eastern Ghouta, where Russia and Syria have accused Israel of carrying out the first strike on Syria's T-4 airfield on 4/9/18.  Nation against nation, it has been written and who's the one trigger happy?  Future proves past, June 8, 1967, bombing of the Navy intelligence ship Liberty.

The bridge Congress has built for itself long ago which had mirrored a trust from the American people has collapsed into a deep gorge!  The impression made of yourselves is an individual with its head so far up its butt you thought the light of day is a candle burning at some kind of sacrifice ritual!

Members of past and present Congress along with the United States secret squirrel world three letter agencies have closed all exit doors for any trust in what you do and you all have certainly earned it.  If you folks are successful at removing President Trump another pair of balls will be left standing and that's all the sacks left in this nation!  It's obvious the common patriot loves this country for better or worse and Congress's report card through the ages is a U for unsatisfactory like in elementary school.

People around the world and many in America see the play on destroying the U.S. Constitution where I have questions?  Do you think you can turn the U.S Military on its own people?  Or maybe you think you can bring in UN soldiers to do your dirty work?  Like other false flag events created through the ages?  Look around you, you're losing support in numbers for both parties and running out of road to maneuver on because your banking leaders are short on the balance sheet with 236 trillion in world debt which does not include all the investment vehicles manipulated for expansion of the feed bag!

I do have good news for the inhabitants of Earth though, our government leaders ruled by their elite family members like the Rothschild's fortune are being booted by many countries, have a look.

It's no coincidence these countries are experiencing hard times today or war-torn neighborhoods.  Where are these fortune families going to hide? you're stuck on Earth like any of us where nature is not ready to release the human race into the galaxy.  Our quest for money is a prize but even more so for the banking cartel it's used to punish, just look at Venezuela!  This has raised a question of how do governments and fortune families claim ownership of resources that don't belong to these dynasties?  Well, when you run the wheel of fortune it's quite easy just slap sanctions on that particular country until they're broke and then ride in with the economic hit-man and buy up everything for pennies on the dollar.  If that don't work these masters create war where you blame the opposition of tragedies these spin doctors create!

So for humanity to understand our place or role in the human race with Earth we took a stroll into the forest.  On and on we went until we realized we're lost and the next very moment, we appeared in another dimension of reality called Magika.  A mystical land (Norse mythology) of balance where the ones who go against Earth's natural balance experience a long drop off or you're introduced to Thor's Hammer wheeled by the inhabitants of Earth.  You're more than welcome to make the jump but jumping is dangerous!

Quote by Ned Evett: “Don’t feel singled out, if there is one thing I can tell you, is that you got to be sure.  Listen very, very carefully when it comes time to make the decision, it is your decision alone.  Jumping is dangerous, however, everything that you know that becomes from that jump, it must uphold to all scrutinizes not just mine”. 

No matter what your fortune is worth because on a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero and you can't take valuables with you.  The Egyptians tried this but the graves were robbed!


  1. If there is no bridge...."might as well jump"?

    1. Correct, the bridge is the support from the people of any country's government. Making the crossing without approval is the jump. You can hear the cry "Geronimo" as the leap from one-side to the other (special interest) becomes the fall.