Thursday, August 16, 2012

Goldman Sachs Modeling

By Eric Fry- Daily Reckoning

“There’s nothing to see here, folks… Move along… Move along… Nuthin’ to see here… Just another little pile-up of victimless financial crimes.” That’s what the beat cops on Wall Street barked repeatedly last week just after the Justice Department and the SEC dropped their separate criminal investigations of Goldman Sachs.

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Man oh man,  the real world is not loop holes in paper work or a secret sauce.  The public is in tune to all this, many large entities are having trouble regaining the confidence of customers, you think?  All anyone has to do is grade who you are doing business with,  most of all look at track records and who are they associated with.  All in all with a watch, there is a watch maker.

Here is a quote of a not so famous president:

"It's not the act that gets you in trouble, it's the lie to cover it."
Ririchard M. Nixion

So business as usual, let's have a party!


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