Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reconstruction of America?

From The American Dream:

The control freaks are winning, and they are absolutely killing America. Our founding fathers intended to establish a nation where Americans would be free to pursue "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" in an environment where freedom was maximized and government interference was minimized. Unfortunately, our nation has turned away from those principles and is now running 180 degrees in the other direction. For some reason, our political system tends to attract psychotic control freaks that want to micromanage our lives and make most of our decisions for us. 

 These control freaks are actually convinced that freedom and liberty are "dangerous" and that there should be a rule or a regulation for just about everything. This is not just happening on the federal level either. The truth is that the control freaks are often the worst on the local level. When you add up the red tape on all levels of government, we literally have millions of laws, rules and regulations in America today. All of this red tape is suffocating our businesses, destroying our liberties and our freedoms, and slowly sucking the life out of all of us. If we ever want to have any hope of restoring America to what it once was, then we have to start doing something about this horrific mountain of red tape.

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Rep. Kelly's Rousing Floor Speech

This motion to recommit is a joke. This is ridiculous. Let me tell you whats its like to be in the real world and not inside the Belt way.


China is Rebuilding America

The renovation of the Alexander Hamilton Bridge in New York is being overseen by China Construction America, a subsidiary of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation. The company uses mostly U.S. labor, but many coveted skill jobs such as engineering and design work are Chinese. The profits will also go overseas.

Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming said he thinks the Asian superpower should help rebuild U.S. infrastructure and invest in clean energy and technology here in the States.

The goal isn’t altruistic, of course. China wants to convert its stockpile of U.S. government debt into something else — especially in the wake of the August S&P credit downgrade.

States take bids for road and bridge repairs. The Buy American law requires that states employ American workers to do the jobs; however, there’s a loophole in the law that allows states to contract overseas if they can save a significant amount of money.

Chinese companies are owned by the Chinese government. The Chinese companies are manufacturing the bridges overseas, where steel and labor are less expensive. It all comes down to money.

A lot of finger pointing going on. ”The National Steel Bridge Alliance blames the state railroad agency. The Alliance for American Manufacturing says the federal Buy American laws have been ‘weakened with loopholes and various exemptions that make it easier for bureaucrats to purchase foreign-made goods instead of those made in American factories with American workers.’”


Union Address

The date is Jan 24th 2012,  I would like you to go to time stamp 15:00 min. and end at 16:38. Well I guess the playing field is not level. President Obama delivers the 2012 State of the Union Address to Congress and the nation.


The Silent Takeover!

This is a comment made from a viewer on this video:

Hey you dumb ass Americans. Blame is on your own door step. Bill Clinton started this, with the monopolizing of contracts,under large dividends and pay backs, which was followed closely by George W Bush then Obama. Can't you Americans see what's happening to your own country? You always fail to think outside the box, each and every time. You have only yourselves to blame.

erikadonges 2 months ago

KJ Ozborne

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