Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fed Up since 1913

Republican Rep. Ron Paul’s long-fought proposal to require an audit of the Federal Reserve.

Approval by the House will likely be the bill’s last act, for now, as the Senate is not expected to consider it, despite a push Wednesday from the congressman’s son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

But the robust bipartisan vote, 327-98, reflects lawmakers’ unease with the fallout from the Great Recession, and the lingering sentiment among voters that Main Street endured greater financial losses than Wall Street during the economic downturn.

Even efforts by Democratic leaders to stop the bill could not prevent 89 members of their party from joining the Texas congressman’s cause.


Need To Audit!

Ben Swann Reality Check is the place to find information and facts that the rest of the MSM just won't talk about. Here, we are concerned with the issues of liberty, freedom, the Constitution and your rights. If you want celebrity gossip... you've come to the wrong place.

Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at history and present activities of the Federal Reserve Bank and whether the Fed needs to be audited.


Show me the Money

Rep. Alan Grayson questions the FED inspector General where $9 TRillion dollars went... and Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman hasn't a clue...Dunno whether to laugh or cry - I am still getting over the shock and have watched this 4 times - LISTEN carefully to what she says - THEY HAVE NO JURISDICTION to investigate the fed!!! Only their programs?


Who Got the Money Ben?

Alan Grayson Grills Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Foreign Lending. Fmr Chairman Greenspan says the Fed is "a private agency with no higher authority". Are you beginning to see smell this scam. Amshel Rothschild "Allow me to control the money, I care not who creates the laws." Did you know 90% of Americans from both parties were against the bailouts? It doesn't matter the banksters own the politicians.


Ron Paul Continues Fight!

Congressman Ron Paul has been more than outspoken when it comes to ending the Federal Reserve. Although there are no real signs of the Fed coming to end, it may soon be audited. Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve advanced in the House on Wednesday, and the lack of transparency and shady policies have many pushing for an inspection of the Fed. Lew Rockwell, chairman for the Ludwig Von Mises Institute.


Grill The Fed!

Congressman Ron Paul grills Chairman Ben Bernanke on Fed transparency in a House Financial Services Committee Hearing on July 18, 2012.


America Dying?

Even though the U.S. financial system nearly experienced a total meltdown in late 2008, the truth is that most Americans simply have no idea what is happening to the U.S. economy. Most people seem to think that the nasty little recession that we have just been through is almost over and that we will be experiencing another time of economic growth and prosperity very shortly.
But this time around that is not the case. The reality is that we are being sucked into an economic black hole from which the U.S. economy will never fully recover.
The problem is debt. Collectively, the U.S. government, the state governments, corporate America and American consumers have accumulated the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world. Our massive debt binge has financed our tremendous growth and prosperity over the last couple of decades, but now the day of reckoning is here.

And it is going to be painful.


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