Thursday, September 27, 2012

Come Home America

I write this with a heavy heart MAN, time is overdue for all things to come clean. In the news yesterday, a young man in Oklahoma took his life in the school hall, a boy of 13 years old in 8th grade.  At this time the names are all the same but what is driving this HELL!  To make any individual think that he or she has to take their own life to cure a problem.  This type of disaster is running ramped in our military also, where in a conversation with a young soldier he said he felt he was the enemy.  But the news of this young soul in Oklahoma really struck a nerve!

There is many battle fronts going on in this country besides the rattling saber of war in the middle east, so many are tired and pissed off.  I certainly hate no one of another country for the simple reason I do not know you, so with that who starts this bull crap! My elected officials do not represent me in the fashions they enforce and from my chair I feel no man who does.  Too many are bought and sold for the new ruler the dollar, it's too easy to be tempted by this king and just leaves ruins in it's wake when used to destroy.

Like Russia,  America has no election this year.  I don't care to know who has more money for their campaign only a corporation would be interested in the numbers and that's just it, the numbers are killing this country.  I'm not going to wait for time to stand still so I can catch my breath wipe the tears and wait to hear someone is sorry, not going to happen.  Going to get back to the feeling of home, a place where you love someone, we all do.  We have this in common its what makes us the same and what keeps you sane. So since you love someone, look at the ground it is on, how's that looking?  Not well, pulse is weak and morale is is at an all time low.  Change is not going to start with someone telling you, you're going to have to hunker down and get junkyard dog mad and put the fear of GOD into these buggers.

A band of Brothers, this starts at home where the heart is, not who is running the show. I know my intentions are good are yours?  I'm not trying to sell you, I want you to feel this so we can bring America back HOME.

To America:

"Rolling through these hills I've known, I'll be coming, that I'll follow wherever she goes, I love her, I just want her to know.  That I'll follow her, that I will find away, to show her that I just won't let her go."

R.I.P. Sons and Daughters


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