Friday, October 5, 2012

Medical Fraud Sucking Medicare

Medicare strike  force under the Department of Justices and the Department of  Health and Human Services uncovered and arrested more than 1480 suspects and for more than $4.8 billion  in alleged health care fraud.  Cities in which the sweeps took place are as follows,  Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Brooklyn N.Y. and Baton Rouge , La.

The FBI field office in Los Angeles  said "bills were routinely submitted for inflated rates of service or for service that was never provided.  We have just watched the presidential debate where President Obama stated that his administration "went after medical fraud in Medicare and Medicaid very aggressively, more so than ever before."  Once again corruption in this country is out of control and will not be tolerated further.  One doctor Sharon Rinaldi age 57 of Inverness, Illinois a licensed psychologist who submitted thousands for false claims of services in nursing homes.  The record shows many of her billing patients were dead!   She would bill some 24 hours a day saying she was performing treatment when actually she was partying out in Vegas or San Diego. (way to go Doc)  Nothing like picking the pockets of the taxpayers.

You can bet that this is just the beginning of this iceberg, I'll bet a lot of Docs are trying to doctor their paperwork before the FBI shows up with the van to remove all paperwork.  (some long nights ahead with no sleep GOOD!)
Yet another prime example as a consumer is to pay attention to who you are doing business with,  this country is in collapse because of this type of practice on all levels.  Don't be scared to tell someone they're doing a crappy job, your reaction should be, yeah!  what are you doing!  Run recon on all business, this will help to kick butt.


Break it down

Too many of these entities regulate themselves when it comes to taxpayers money,  the cookie jar is wide open. Now the Dept. of justice is involved along with the FBI and the courts, do you know what this is going to cost along with jail time for these buggers?  All of this needs to be calculated before it gets to this point, this is here to stay, makes it DAMN hard for them to earn your money and by all means grade them as if they were in school. Most will not pass and with that, we can determine who to do business with, this will help all of US.


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