Friday, July 12, 2013

Higher Rates- Higher Inflation

Stick Together 
Yes, sir, you knew this was coming, higher interest rates. Started off with students loans which there is more debt than on credit cards at the moment a cool 22 billion, ah that's why the banksters started here and many senators said their still working with lawmakers to bring the rate down instead of letting it double to 6.4%, yeah right!  You can also define this as the banksters going after the sons and daughters fist, attacking kids, the future of society. (oh, they care about you remember!)  Ever since the bailout to the banksters loans have been hard to come by for the simple reason the rates were so low the banks couldn't make higher profits.  But now the rates are going up you will find it easier to borrow money, thanks, banksters! The sad part of this is the Feds printed so many trillions of dollars that your dollars are going to purchase less because here comes inflation.  Don't watch the market, watch the bond market and tangible goods which is the commodities like oil, grains, metals, as the dollar becomes weaker these prices will rise.  Mortgage rates are on the rise along with the credit card rate, car loans and any transaction of you borrowing money.  This is not only going to be hard on the public but any town, city and state will have to come up with more money, many are already broke!

You want to know what to do here, pool together with friends and family, coworkers and work on a strategy of purchasing power.  You can make this interest free or tag a small increase to the money borrowed in a pool for purchasing a home, car, student loan or any large ticket item, hell you could use the money as an investment tool for the pool if you want.  At which point after one individual receives his or her needs onto the next.  The money is paid back to the pool so everybody swims, the pool could hold the loan as collateral like a mortgage, car title, student loan till paid off.  The more people you have in your pool the more purchasing power you will have and monies coming back to the loan pool for future investment and or purchase.  That's right you just became the bank but in a very private sector with no regulation, who's going to know?  They do not even follow their own laws of regulation so why should you care Pod, I thought so, game on!  Also find other sources than normal media, do yourself a favor.  The harder you work the better your luck is and luck is not a factor.

The ship is working on a circle of ethics to bring you tools, information and individuals to use for the commonwealth of humanity.  Not for the ones who want to clean your clock!  Outside of this, it seems people are detached from reality and could give a rat's behind about you, well Pod I like US.


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