Sunday, July 7, 2013

The World is Boiling Over

Wow, mama looks like the whole world has it in for the U.S. and this will force a hand sooner than expected.  When under pressure you make mistakes certainty when it offsets one's clockwork.  War crimes and NSA surveillance have upset the entire world in which we live, you have nations rising against nations, nobody at this point seems to really have allies in which you can trust, kind of like Spy vs Spy.  

Not only is the planet changing but humanity right along with it.  Now's not the time to be alarmed but to be grateful any of this is getting out and growing like super vegetative growth, I use that term for if you look around just in your own backyard ( well at lease here in the Midwest) the plant life is huge this year.  The planet will take care of herself, with the carbon levels being high the planet is producing more plant life, without the help of humans, even in sparse areas on the planet growth is starting and here comes the oxygen along with it.  I mean really, where did you think the help was going to come from?  Just say thank you Earth.

But for the ones who think their in control of your destination the outcrop of info is off the charts and upsetting many agendas.  The United States has been used as a warmonger far too long, it's not the people or the government but the ones with money who get their way and get to use the best of the best which is created by people and tax dollars.  Russia and China have had enough of this play, can't blame the people of a country that are manipulated by money from an interest that don't care about you but only for gain.  So the next war should be a small one, let's say 1% of the world's population, get my drift!  Game over Boy's for your allies are dropping like bugs to a zapper!

Life is going to be better and thanks for screwing up you idiots', we're going to be happy damn it!



Along with exposing widespread international surveillance, Edward Snowden has revealed how exactly the US is financing its military ambitions, according to Max Keiser. 

 I want you to think about something, many have said American's are not doing anything to stop it's government, well once again this goes beyond government, had to figure that part of it first and who's letting the cat out of the bag?  That's right Pod the American people, we're more pissed off with this than you are, believe me!  So no need to nuke us, we're working on it! 


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