Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Perfect Storm

Things are really heating up Pod, just like in the movie Perfect Storm a Rogue Wave is heading for all of humanity.  All around you the grip, of justice for what is right is being raped.  The media is now in a war zone like never before with a grip of silence trying to strangle its neck and that would be the truthers.  The ones who can not live with themselves when in their right mind know of wrong doing and in today's society, well it's by the truckload.  Still, the Whistleblower comes forward risking a career, his or her's family and being blacklisted for future jobs and also prison time with a step forward to even the death penalty.  Scary stuff I do say so myself but society will not tolerate lies and wrong doings for the simple reason there's right and wrong like good and evil it won't change.  A balance will be forever pulling at each side till one breaks and starts over, time will end it and when the dust settles and smoke clears, the truth will rule the day.

The power of a leak is devastating, one person can make a difference, it can change the outcome of a war, erode huge profits, change an election and even make a government paranoid of its own people and the world.  Many names today are blowing the whistle on all types of corporations, banks, governments, private sector, service entities, private practice, law enforcement, ah hell the list seems endless.  The reason for the war on the blowers is the support they are getting from the public and I mean the planet here, along with journalist, media, TV, Cable, Radio and Bloggers the lies are surrounded by a Perfect Storm of Truthers and building like a Rogue Wave.  With this type of support you would have to declare war,  did someone say incoming!              

The Julian Assange's Show


Time for The Movie

Rick Perlstein from The Nattional

The sin of being correct is a theme of the piece. “I have found all too frequently the government claims the publication of certain information will harm national security,” we read onscreen in an affidavit from The New York Times’s James Risen, “when in reality, the government’s real concern is about covering up its own wrongdoing.” In fact, former Times executive editor Bill Keller says, “I think these stories have helped more than they've hurt national security”—and the Times’ David Carr notices a correlation between how secret information is supposed to be and how bad it is for the reputations of the people involved.  Or their profits;  “We talk about a national security state that’s interested in security,” Seymour Hersh says, ‘but in fact, it’s interested in the security of corporate interests.”

War Coast

War On Whistleblowers

The Corbett Report


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