Friday, November 1, 2013

Max! What are the aliens saying about the banks?

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Alrighty then, seems that the universe is watching human economics, warning all intelligent life to remove any currency as to banking from planet Earth!  Well really Max, first intelligent life would not need us now would they?  But Max and Stacy put an interesting spin on the finance news to help your emotions on the pilfering going on around the globe and yes Max we're watching the credit bubble as it can been seen from outer space.

In many articles I mention as the money becomes scarce the Feds would start going after the piles of money stolen from the public.  Just yesterday Fannie Mae sued nine major bank.  The lawsuit targets U.S. banks JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup, along with global banks Barclays, UBS, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank,Credit Suisse and Rabobank.  The action also accused the British Bankers' Association, which administers Libor.  The task force, comprising state and federal agencies, issued subpoenas and a public call for whistleblowers, amassed millions of documents and farmed out the work to about 10 U.S. attorneys offices.  Wall Street’s six biggest banks have piled up more than $100 billion in legal costs, including settlements and lawyers’ fees, banks being examined for FIRREA (FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS REFORM, RECOVERY AND ENFORCEMENT ACT OF 1989) violations issued a total of $788 billion of non-agency mortgage-backed securities between 2005 and 2007.

You know something this deck was so rigged and dealt around the world where so many we're thrown under a bus that it's amazing there is no hangings yet alone no one has gone to jail.  Well like the NSA gathering all info from around the world the intel was certainly known.  Lets face it the game is rigged it's man made.  So from here on out only do business with the ones who have a good track record. Those are not my words but words from Warren Buffet.  He has said "he would not be interested in a 100 million dollar deal if it's going to leave my stomach burning."  When I was looking for answers on all of this instead of ranting off we need tools for a better tomorrow.  Life is not so much about me but how I leave this place in line for the person behind me, ah that would be humanity, so we do some house keeping and wash the deck before we leave, thank you.


Central Banking Crooks

With a watch there's a watch maker

  Ah wait, there might be intelligent life here on the planet. To help prevent another giant cash squeeze, federal regulators proposed a rule on Thursday that requires big banks to hold a set amount of assets that they can quickly turn into cash. The liquidity rule works by asking large banks to estimate how much cash might flee in a 30-day period.  They then have to have enough assets that they could quickly sell to cover that outflow.  The top quality assets have to account for at least 45 percent of the liquid asset pool.  In today's market, a broker sells securities to a client, the broker takes out its own loan, pledging securities as collateral. The broker makes money from the higher interest on the client loan than it is paying on its own loan.  So know wonder the bottom falls out when deals go south, all the money is borrowed there is no true asset to cover just a fraction of such finance.

This new rule if imposed would reduce the profitability that today is a common practice on Wall Street.  So if you can't back the deal with your own assets don't come crying to the taxpayers that you need a bail out from money that never existed in the first place.  With or without this new rule from the regulators has taught us a hard lesson and education is expensive.  Do yourself a favor every entity has a track record so we're going to be like the NSA and run recon and monitor business of the likes who you do business with because like Warren Buffet explained, "I only do business in which I feel good about the deal and who I'm working with."  With that said we remove the rocket science out of financial scams heading for the rocks, steer clear of these Jack Wagons and pull up to the pier and have a nice walk on the beach.  This is not hard to do, lets just look at one stock en particular, McDonald's on Oct 1st, 1974 the stock price opened that day @ $0.63 today it closed @ $96.52 it's just a lesson in who you do business with and the lesson here is not so much when you buy and sell, but what you are buying.  That alone will make the difference between a Happy Meal and who the hell do you people think you are!  

So why these banksters turtle wax their ass and continue to slide you know who you want to bed with and that's no swinging nut sack you can't trust.    


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