Saturday, November 9, 2013

Canada High with Rob Ford

Mayor Rob Ford at lease I admit it
 Easy Canada we're not laughing at you, as a matter of fact, many people feel that Mayor Rob Ford admitting his guilt to smoking crack cocaine is better than some politician constantly lying to his people.  It would be a much better place around the world especially America if politicians and public officers would admit to their guilt and corruption instead of hiding behind the courts and their attorneys.

Just maybe Mayor Rob Ford could be used as a poster child for many officials who take an oath to uphold the law and is governed by the people to respect where they are.  I myself would much rather have people laughing at us here in America instead of being totally outraged with our government conduct, quite frankly it's despicable.  Not only that but many corporations are hell bent at the US government because of the NSA crap!  So thanks for the laugh Canada and as time goes by your Mayor of Toronto will be a better man for it,  I mean it takes guts to come out on a world stage and admitted your wrong.  Ah, that alone has merit, also in the news today Mayor Rob Ford is seeking rehab program and with all the pressure might take a leave of absence.  Here in America our politicians and public office members need criminal rehab and believe the job they hold has some kind of right to do wrong.  We the people of America hate that the rest of the world hates the US and we're working on making this a better place. The folks in power here can lie all they want, we know what's going on and there on the way OUT!  Just like when you were a kid, mom would say, "wait till your father comes home".  Well, the old man is showing up and we're not going to obey criminals.   

Toronto's crack-smoking mayor cracks up comedians. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on a story that's hard NOT to inhale.



Your going to hear and see some interesting clips of Toronto's Mayor, no judge needed here, you can feel this.

From Aiden McLean:

Toronto's own Rob Ford is awesome!  He's a champion!  Who else could have their approval rating RISE as a result of a video of him admitting to smoking crack?  I love him!!

Aiden McLean

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