Friday, November 15, 2013

"Give 'em the Green Weenie"

"Give 'em the Green Weenie
 Alrighty then, this has taken five years (too little too late) for the power that has come to be in our society to regulate the fall of the 2008 financial collapse.  Many governments around the world with the banks are truly at a loss, where their being sued for the simple reason there's no money in the system and many countries are printing their own money. (quantitative easing) So they have to sue the banks, that's where the money went and now the regulators of the banks and financial instruments are turning on their pals to where as of today "Moody's" has down graded 8 banks for the simple reason a bill in place will not allow them to get a bailout from the public, Oh the poor dears!   Also remember it was the regulators who graded the mortgage swaps as AAA paper where a Mead notebook was more valuable.

So with all the rules and regulation we're suppose to be loyal to every rule in the book was broken to steal money from hard working people.  One thing comes to mind, since the system is man-made from top to bottom you know your best interest was at a loss. In order to be a better player on this board of Monopoly it's high time for loyal disobedience to ourselves, as we witnessed the selfish acts committed to all people around the world.  As a collective group the people of the world are the economy and with that if you were to barter and also work only for cash, gold, silver it would end corruption on a large scale, no money going to the ones who institute the game you must play.  It would dry up politicians, lobbyist, banks ah hell the list is long and like Warren Buffet has mention "he would not be interested in a 100 million dollar deal if it burned his gut, better to do business with ones you can trust".

So don't come crying to us if your system and or business is failing.   Anything man-made can succeed or fail and who told you to be loyal when they break their own rules, especially that it has failed you, the pressure is on from top of the ant hill to the very bottom.  Work only for what makes you feel good and by all means use cash only, you loyal disobedient soul.   Like Alan Simpson would say "give 'em the green weenie" and that's going to be Godzilla with his green toxic wanker being pushed from behind by King Kong for deep penetration!   "I can hear Kong now, I wanna push, I wanna push!"



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