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Globe Backyard TV- Corrupt banks are done Hello New Economy

 Globe Backyard TV

  Over at The Globe Backyard, I said I was going to be more entertaining and also going to help. Been pushing for quite some time now, I remember it took me 13 years just to come up with a theme, for all people to feel.  I think in my life that has been the hardest job I was never hired for but because of unnecessary circumstance in my own life committed by corrupted officials, I started wondering what feeds this shit?  But none the less, what feeds life in the right direction, hence "rightwitheship".  It was easy actually, quite simple even, we all love something.  I don't give a rats behind if your right, wrong or indifferent you love something the most common ground we have when associating yourself with the world, second your human, so no better way to understanding something is by feeling it as to hearing it, at which point we have to think and that can louse things up.  I feel we have heard quite enough.  So with that said a new horizon is on the map Pod, we're changing and the light ahead for the common man and if you're not, it's always good to learn something new, it's a trail made long ago but really didn't take off,  Public Banking. Thanks to the Jack Wagons (corrupted officials, banks and corps) we're going to give her the once-over.  There is only so much to anything, once you dive deep and sail around on the surface, you have a better understanding in which to make a better decision.   

I love our world and America.  I'm American Indian and ya know something when times comes for you to leave (die) we have to do some housekeeping and clear the deck.  So the person behind you gets to enjoy what you in your own life experienced, that made you feel good and had a chance to love something and I hope that came back to you.  So here's some old tools for new learning, we're going to be alright, why because we all love something and it seems the world has been thrown under a bus.  So we're going to "Give 'em the Green Weenie!" and throw 'em overboard!  For the one's who have been putting a hurting on you and me "Pod" I have a saying,  "F me FU now what?" And it's the what, I've been working on.


An't Messin' Round

Give it up NOW!

Gary Clark Jr.


"I Hope You Feel Good Being Here,  I mean that Pod" (friend)

Did You Know ...?

Public Banking -- it already works in the United States and is catching on! 20 States are considering some form of state banking legislation.
Public banking was first introduced to the middle colonies in America by the Quakers in the original colony of Pennsylvania.  Read about it on page 442 of Ben Franklin's memoirs. "This self-taught American," to quote from the Edinburgh Review of 1806, "is the most rational, perhaps, of all philosophers. He never loses sight of common sense in any of his speculations.  No individual, perhaps, ever possessed a juster understanding, or was so seldom obstructed in the use of it by indolence, enthusiasm, or authority. Other colonial governments also established publicly-owned banks.  The concept was later embraced by the State of North Dakota, the only state to currently operate its own bank.

Public Banking's Background

Public banking is banking operated in the public interest via institutions owned by the people through their representative governments.  Public banks can exist at all levels, from local to state to national or even international.  Any governmental body which can meet local banking requirements may, theoretically, create such a financial institution.

Public banking is distinguished from private banking in that its mandate begins with the public's interest.  Privately-owned banks, by contrast, have shareholders who generally seek short-term profits as their highest priority.  Public banks are able to reduce taxes within their jurisdictions because their profits are returned to the general fund of the public entity.  The costs of public projects undertaken by governmental bodies are also greatly reduced because public banks do not need to charge interest to themselves. Eliminating interest has been shown to reduce the cost of such projects, on average, by 50%.

Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin   (this will make you feel good about US)

Public Banking Institute


Here's an update on the "Jack Wagons"

Justice Dept official admonishes nation's bankers

 Admonish, what?  They all should be in jail.  Break the corrupt banks!  Who are they? Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Barclays PLC, UBS AG, Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC PLC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays UBS and many brokerage firms like AIG, ICAP. Ah hell, there's more.  Time to move your money in a new economy.  Work with your Community Banks and many emerging Public Banks that underwrite and manage their own loans, where you the customer is their best interest instead of the board of directors.  These Banks keep the money on home turf. Always ask where does my money and mortgage go?  Any answer other than home turf you simply do not do business.  Many large banks have over-leveraged derivatives and can't cover the spread when the shit hits the fan, like the bailouts. Big banks are like casinos the house wins and you lose, pull your money off the card table and deal with someone who cares where you are, that's your community.  We're going to have to rebuild one state, one city, one town at a time.             

In 8 mins. let's be Blunt

William Kurt Black is an American lawyer, academic, author, and a former bank regulator. Black's expertise is in white-collar crime, public finance, regulation, and other topics in law and economics.  He developed the concept of "control fraud", in which a business or national executive uses the entity he or she controls as a "weapon" to commit fraud.

Bank Transfer Day


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