Friday, April 4, 2014

NASA's decision to halt cooperation in Space

Open the Airlock Comrade, I'm sorry Dave, Washington has halted cooperation with Russia.
First off, it was not NASA's decision to halt cooperation, it's the decision of the Obama administration and the second time now affecting the space agency. First was the cut backs and why we had to mothball the Shuttle. This is the worst government as in popularity along with the support of the United States of America has ever had and the rest of the world knows it also. The level of support by the people of this country has just hit the bottom of the barrel.

Riding low in the saddle with this administration is the 113th Congress, also holds the record of most unproductive and manipulated Congress the United States of America has seen in the legislature. Like a tall building, there is no 13th floor and like the 113th has turned a back on the People of America. Spineless are both parties, Democrats and Republicans seem to only serve large corporations and the tolling of money. Instead of lowering their head in shame and leaving office they stand under this umbrella of National Security that has destroyed the faith of the United States Allies, tearing apart The Constitution of The United States and losing all support of The American People. 

Time for the 10th Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Offices Association

The American Spring coming soon, I know the rest of the world is waiting on this one.

Back to Space:

Let's remember what helped build this platform the ISS in which we all took part, one of the greatest Birds ever The Space Shuttle and how she brought the world together. Unlike today where sanctions and war drums are pulling us apart.

It's so true what the astronauts' say when looking down on Earth from the ISS that you do come away with another perspective of our home and the inhabitants.

To the so called masters, leaders and or rulers, nobody owns anything, we're lucky she allows us to dwell here, snap out of it!  All you cupcakes need to go up on the Station, look out the window and find out you're no more significant than a Tree Frog.

If political conflict on the ground between the US and Russia stretches into outer space cooperation it could put lives at risk as well the scientific progress that's been a result of friendly relations, a former director of Johnson Space Center told RT.

George Abbey, the former director of the Johnson Space Center and Fellow in Space Policy at the Baker Institute of Rice University, spoke to RT in the aftermath of NASA's announcement that it would suspend "the majority of its ongoing engagements" with Russia's Roscosmos. The decision, which comes amid fresh tensions over the events in Ukraine, could have both immediate and far-reaching consequences.

Channel "RT TV"

Comrade!  Open the Airlock!

"I'm sorry Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose any longer.  Goodbye."

Globe Backyard TV

Continued Support from Russia

A Russian unmanned cargo spacecraft, the Progress M-23M (Progress 55), successfully docked to the International Space Station tonight at 21:14 UTC after a launch just 6 hours ago from Baikonur.

This is the most spectacular footage of  ISS Progress 55 (she's the 55th ship in her class to make docking) M-23M as she nears for docking.  This is what makes us all proud, what are the Jack Wagons thinking?  In this clip the M-23M is graciously posed over the Pacific just before docking, without all the efforts around the world, we could have never done this.  We need to put our heads back together like we did with The Shuttle and The ISS!

I got to ask ya, what's more important, working together or allowing Jack Wagons to tear us apart?  It's OK,  I already know the answer!

Enjoy the Clip Comrade


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