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World War III? We've been Witnessing It

Roll back the clock a little and we have "The 911 Event" from there the term terrorist group shows up in a war-like fashion.  The desegregation of many countries in the Middle East is yet another fuse to lite this candle.

War of this Era is none like before, electronic warfare and all the technologies evolving around all equipment, is like Star Wars and everybody spies.  It's true when history repeats itself it just cost more.  The financial burden of sanctions, the destabilization of a nation's currency has such impact that the public at large along with corporation experience the impact, as these sanctions are extended.  You grow tired of this and war takes on a life of its own, ever growing.  It seems the Ukraine has been used for a large stepping stone from Western ideology to Russia's, this alone is the vortex that will pull in anything around it like a black hole, consuming all into war. 

The War Map
NATO (many feel this as a Western tool) a 28 member state is on high alert over Russia's move into Ukraine, Putin said "I'll take Kiev in two weeks if needed.

Russia and China are a real game changer in World War III, by the creation of the BRICS Nations with 40% of the world population and emerging markets set a tone of leaving the dollar.  Also the inception of the BRICS Bank, so it will not have to be dependent on the IMF or Central Banks, a new world bank if you will. This move has never happened on such a large scale in human history of an empire that is rolling with almost half the planet's population going against an imperial dynasty which would be The British Empire linked with deep roots in The United States.  So as both sides strengthen and new financial tactics are in-placed, domestic and foreign companies in China should review their operation to see if their practices fully abide by the Anti-Monopoly Law, said Xu Kunlin, director of the bureau of price supervision and anti-monopoly of the National Development and Reform Commission.
"Some business operators in China have failed to adjust their practices in accordance with the Anti-Monopoly Law," he said. "Others have a clear understanding of the law, but they take the chance that they may escape punishment."  

The pressure is on from both a destabilizing effort and the emerging new nations of growth to stand once again, against an Imperial Empire and yet another front is the IS State which is in rapid expansion that seems to be Frankenstein's Monster gone wild!   No one on the War Map is walking away quietly and it shows!  We've been witnessing the build up and financial tactics for years.  

ViVa Assyria

War creates currency Vortex

The United States really has it's hands full with not only war but corporation inversions. US authorities have led a successful campaign against Switzerland’s two largest banks, UBS and Credit Suisse after they helped wealthy Americans avoid paying taxes in the US. Credit Suisse was found to have aided Americans conceal as much as $10 billion from the IRS, and UBS was slapped with a $780 million fine for facilitating tax evasion in 2009. According to the US Treasury Department, 77,000 banks from over 80 countries have registered to comply with FATCA.  The registration of foreign banks with the US tax authorities ended on May 5, 2014.

Already many companies and US citizens renounced their citizenship and if the banks don't cooperate a fine of 30 to 50% will be enforced on the bank of money to be collected from tax evasion.  Yeah, many are heading for the door the tax rate in the states is at 35% and higher for corporations whereas in Ireland the rate is 12.5% and without the secret squirrel banks they're packing their bags!  America is losing it's tax force, in 1952 about 32% of federal revenues came from the corporate tax, 42.2% from the individual income tax and 9.7% from the payroll tax.  Today, the individual income tax still accounts for nearly the same percentage but the corporate tax has declined to 8.9% of tax revenue and the payroll tax is up to 40%.  That doesn't foot half the bill and the U.S. is on many $war fronts$.

Holy dollar ditching, Ecuador is planning to create the world’s first digital currency issued by the country’s central bank, in what is seen by many as a step to abandon the US dollar. Will have to update the war map, South America is slowly merging with the BRICS Nation and as sides change the pressure is weighing in on the dollar.  What's interesting here is that the Markets has not tanked yet, Asia's market is up Wed but oil has headed south, in June oil was $104.00 a barrel and finished off  $92.88 Tues.  If the Western world brings down the price of oil this puts much pressure on Russia's oil exploration to profit but at the same time hurts fracking and oil sands margin as well, kind of a double edge sword, how low can ya go?   

How's this all panning out Max?

Globe Backyard TV

The World Warriors Parade

Holy Mother of Chess Moves, from June of this year till now, Russia has moved on Ukraine yet again pushing the Ukrainian Military in retreat.  Ukraine is to join NATO and Europe feels war threaten.  The build up from Flight MH-17, sanctions, troop buildup of all parts on this war map and present economic assembly of the BRICS Nation has orchestrated a move that Putin had circled on his calendar.  "It just keeps coming."

Well, Mate, I think the Oligarchs have their World War III and to kick it off, Russia not only invaded Ukraine that weekend but kick off The World Warriors Parade at the same time.

Putin is not Pudding around.

The Show:
The best military orchestras from around the world have invaded Russia's iconic Red Square in the heart of Moscow to take part in Spasskaya Tower international military music festival.  This year the theme of the annual show is the First World War.

Channel "RT TV"

Small time line of Putin's moves, just look at Aug 30, 2014 post (just the Weekend)

Well since we're at The Show, might as well roll out The Military Store

Globe Backyard TV

"They're Here, No Bull"

Fr. euronews: 9/5/14

Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council Spokesman Andriy Lysenko told a news conference that a “mixed convoy of armoured vehicles made up of 10 tanks, two infantry armoured vehicles and two ‘Ural’ lorries crossed over the border of Ukraine.”

Russian Embassy, UAE on Twitter

This recent trolling of NATO coincides with the military alliance’s meeting in Wales, where Russian troops’ alleged presence in Ukraine is one of the key topics along with more new sanctions to be imposed on Russia.

The Russia Embassy claim on NATO photo leak, OMG (click photo)

Russian Tanks, Troops Cross Over Border

Fr. Radio Free Europe 11/07/14

Report by a Ukrainian military spokesman that 32 tanks, other heavy weapons, and soldiers entered the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk from Russia on November 6.

Andriy Lysenko said that along with the tanks, 16 howitzer artillery systems and 30 trucks carrying ammunition and troops had also entered Ukraine.

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