Wednesday, September 17, 2014

30 Million dollar Reward- Who Shot Down MH 17

From Wifka:

The fraud investigation company Wifka has been charged with investigating the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. Their client is providing 30 million dollars as a reward for information and evidence. On July 17 the Malaysian Airlines Boeing crashed over Eastern Ukraine on their way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. All 298 passengers and crew were killed.

After the terrible assassination or "accident" all political parties, at home and abroad, said they owed it to the victims, their families and the public to clarify the circumstances of the crash and present evidence for what happened. None of this has yet been done.

Wifka wants to know:
– Who shot down MH17 on July 17?
– Who gave the order?
– Who covers up the shoot down? (Also, if it was by accident and not out of political, economic or military motivation)
– Who can provide details on the circumstances that led to the shoot down?
– Who was directly involved with the shoot down?
– What happened to the people that were involved with the shoot down? What happened to the weapon used?
- Who can name the people that cleared the shoot down?

Whoever provides evidence that identifies those behind the shoot down, will be given the reward of 30 million dollars. The money is securely deposited in Zurich, Switzerland. It will be paid there or in a different neutral place of the whistle-blower’s choice.

Wifkas client offers to give the whistle-blower a new identity.

Wifka works absolutely confidential. The agency advises whistle-blowers to take great care; e.g. to contact them through a lawyer. Details should not lightly be given away in emails or on the phone. A secure way of communication will be established for every individual case.

Please contact Josef Resch (Wifka Bad Schwartau) at +49-171-8361868, via email: or through lawyer Volker Echelmeyer at +49-45131181


When Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down on July 17, 2014, we were immediately inundated with base propaganda trying to convince us that the shootdown could be traced back to the Kremlin. But what was this rush to judgment based on? What have we learned about the crash since then? Why has MH17 completely disappeared from the news cycle? And who really stood to benefit from the disaster? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this week's edition of The Corbett Report.


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