Monday, September 29, 2014

The Game Changer

We're at a tipping point and I'm not kidding!  Reading through history and sifting through all possible news source you come away with a better understanding of what we are and where we're going.  Time to pull the dark in and turn it to light, this is actually easy, at this point and time the talking heads are losing their grip.

Over this past weekend, the news came out about leaked recordings (46 hours) of regulators working with the banks, one, in particular, is Goldman Sachs where we find the banks regulate the regulators because the regulators don't want to upset the banks, oh the poor dears.  This just absolutely confirms the whole financial platform is rigged from stem to stern and anyone in this realm outside of a highchair is a puppet.  The faith in our institution of banking has leaked to a level where it will be absorbed into the soil, a level that goes below ground zero.  At the same time this news hit the wire a day after Eric Holder resigned as attorney general, timing is everything.

The financial structure between Europe and United States is in quicksand and mate they are scrambling to erode this problem by pulling the world into a war which gives all the banks' card blanch to clean the slate, the only way out and to keep the game running.  So the fear factor associated with war propaganda keeps the public at bay, this has worked for centuries, part of the secret squirrel platform and with that the world leaders are chasing their own creation (ISIS) and boy that has them very busy.

Now just outside of this bubble you'll find many states here in the US are on the verge of bankruptcy, Pennsylvania, Michigan along with Illinois (just to name a few) can't fund the pension program which seems to be a black hole.  Germany just mentioned yesterday their struggling to fund their military at the moment, only 24 out of a total of 109 Euro-fighters are ready for service, and 38 of 89 Tornado fighters could be utilized properly.  In a war in the Baltic, the army would be overwhelmed.  (Just a few examples of how this is failing, run the recon)  

Don't pay attention to the mainstream news, look at the commodities the numbers don't lie, lumber peaked in Nov 2013 (all time high was in 2005) at 390.00 and today we're at 327.80. Random length lumber futures are a physical delivery 110,000 board feet contract of random lengths 8-foot to 20-foot nominal 2-inch x 4-inch pieces.  Iron Ore 62% Fe, CFR China traded in Dec 2013 at 122.25 and today we're at 82.27, this is traded in US dollars per dry metric ton.

Also on another note, Apple and Google will incorporate encryption on smartphones where James Comey the FBI director could not comprehend why companies would market something expressly to allow people to place themselves beyond the law. You have to ask yourself, what law is that?   

We can now take advantage of this situation.

Between the banks and large corporations who are the real game runners of this man-made board of monopoly, we come to find that it's this entity who pull all the strings tied to modern day economics.  The game changer right now to add fuel to the fire is don't buy a damn thing your going to need $it$, (just what maintains life) at which point all small business and large corporations along with the secret squirrel banks would piss and moan to members of congress and that is not going to help.  From there and give it time, (remember, bide your time and hid your abilities) the members of congress will have their hands out and the dark money will be gone because business gets it from you.  At which point the corrupted members of government will be heading for the door when the easy money is gone, then we can get back to real humans with real standards, we can then rebuild.  Hey, Mate, this will work for any country, time to take advantage of the situation and like our friends across the Atlantic would say, as in Soccer "kick it!"  

The printing money press bearings are wearing thin in many countries and we have so many scenarios coming down the pike all at once, the whole thing is going to implode.   

Steven R

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