Sunday, October 5, 2014


Network Intrusion
War is hell, seems to be a covert hacking group at large.  JP Morgan Chase had the largest breach just this week, it is also reported that other financial institutions have come under attack.  A bank doesn't necessarily have to report hacking to customers unless a financial threat to accounts is at risk and or compromised, ah that will change. None the less, “It was a huge surprise that they were able to compromise a huge bank like JPMorgan,” said Al Pascual, a security analyst with Javelin Strategy and Research. “It scared the pants off many people.”

Some analyst believe the attacks are coming from Russia due to the sanctions, we looked at some types of financial tactics in an earlier post, "World War III? We've been Witnessing It."  Now it seems these breach burrowed into the digital network maneuvering through certain corridors and mapping programs and applications for additional backdoor entries, it's like they stole the schematic.   The intrusion was in JP Morgans system undetected for several weeks.

So it seems the hack has the layout of the land and the financial entities will be scrambling to rebuild their network along with security cost of  $250 million a year going forward.  But wait, if a heavy level of attacks were coordinated at once it would set off another financial crisis.  A conditioning that's already happening; Dec 16, 2015, a smartphone app was the most likely culprit for the botnet attack, which flooded the servers with five million queries per second at the peak of the attack. It is estimated that as few as 18,000 devices running the app through Wi-Fi networks would have been capable of creating such traffic.  Reminds me of the movie Marathon Man, "is it safe?" 

Wow, welcome to cyber war with Karmarama 2000 and Jackatronic VI the hack masters.


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