Monday, October 27, 2014

The Conditioning - Trick or Treat

In order for a condition to work much training is involved with heavy media advertising. Just look at the reason you purchased something, you must have been sold on the condition of the advertisement in order to make that purchase. If not the ad campaign was weak or the product and or service just sucks.  Marketing has several levels in which the buyer can lean towards a purchase, not only that but to steer your mind in a thought process of fear, the fear factor.  This in itself is a large market with many platforms, some, in particular are war, pharmaceuticals, insurance, health, religion (be good or your going to hell) and of course laws, obey or you're going to jail.  The makers of the Monopoly board have shown society they themselves don't obey the law, so most of the laws are put in place to control society and enforced with a terrorist police force that has been showing up in neighborhoods around the world.  This type of condition transcends fear but it seems many citizens are fearless.  Like in Ferguson where the terrorist cop said "get back or I'll frickin kill you" with a fully automatic weapon pointed at the crowd.  The news reporter ask the wigged out cop, "you're going to kill him?"  the cop responded, "your God damn right I am."  So the news reporter asked what's your name officer and donut boy responded go frick yourself, OK officer go frick yourself.  So who have the balls here? it's obvious. Today's law enforcement ideology has also turned to idiot thinking.

Dammit, people your suppose to be scared!  Seems to me that the conditioning of society is being run down the rabbit hole.  Many are taking it upon themselves (yours truly) to sift through the BS and find the real deal.  In my findings alone I see many who are not afraid who they piss off or what law is being broken, there is no law when others try to manipulate the public by standing under laws created to follow that are only broken. People become courageous for the simple reason, a true hero, not afraid to be jailed or die! Meaning once you understand, you come away with no fear.  Just look at the ISIS thing, I mean General Patton would have rolled over this group in one weekend!  And you hear of logistics drops for troops that land in the hands of ISIS?  Ah, we have GPS today cut the Bull Shit.

So today we have the Ebola scare and with our man-made board of Monopoly there is only so much to anything and with that, I would like to introduce ExperimentalVaccines for your learning of the condition in better understanding the dose.  Biological Weapons Research & Investigative Reporting can be found at Experimental Vaccines.


Alternative Media better Medicine 

Christopher Greene is the creator of Alternative Media Television.  AMTV
"Hard-hitting and in your face!" Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Ebola conspiracy 2014.


Old School

He's a kicker an't he
Fear mongering has a bad effect on society and is usually incorporated by groups who have a spin on manipulating law.  This brings to mind the Frankenstein ISIS group to where we've come accustom to lopping off heads a real fear factor.  So with that, I think the public is ready for some Old School Cowboy Ethics like for instance your seat holds a high chair responsible for public safety and it turns out you have manipulated the law for an advancement of money and control.  Many scenarios are in the public eye already, the market manipulation and stealing by the banks, child sex abuse, police brutality, toppling of other countries and governments, killing of innocent civilians due to war crimes, food and drug manipulation, drug wars, toxic waste are just some that are a real public outcry. So how to conform this psychopath breed?  One thing for sure is the fear one can put into your soul, public hanging back in the day was a real picnic.  The town would gather around the gallows waiting for the suspended floor to drop to stretch the neck of a Jack Wagon. 
After that, you just walked away and you're glad it wasn't you.  The twist here is the fear factor of the rope around your neck, many public offices would be vacant leaving only room for a true heart instead of a diseased mind.  We might have to put the Posse back together in order to get along and in tough economic times a rope and a tree are affordable, could even charge for the event to cover any expense.  Oh they would come from all corners of the Earth.  Hey, Jack Wagon you scared? 

Hang 'Em High, Oh boy they would be crying like a baby, so sorry now!


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