Friday, June 26, 2015

Radiation Help- Good to Know

Waves create negative ions thanks Earth
So do the governments and major media outlets think by not warning the public of Fukushima disaster that we're going to ideally stand by and wait?  It just might shock the world when we refuse to die quietly or hang our heads in shame for not knowing what to do?  Well, Mate, the situation is the worst of mankind and with that the heads of state and nuclear industry know of the disaster and are responsible in every way which would break the bank for liability.  Let's face it the Pacific ocean is dying while I write this, the largest die-off on record since we have been recording such events and Stanford University has evidence we're in Sixth Mass Extinction.  So taking responsibility for the matter would cost everything they own, now we can't have that, can we?  You lollipop suckers of government and corporation involved in this mess are more scared than the public because we are the ones calling this out and working on solutions to the matter. Put the sucker down and man up, Cup Cake because this doesn't need to be the end as you drag your feet and worry about money.

I'm sure as the sun rises every morning you elites are taking supplements for yourselves and family but where are you going to live?  Underground and become a mole or rocket off to Mars?  Come on man, that's no life and you know it!  Forget your position in life and what you think you know and\or told to do or become a mole. (I'm trying to help ya Mate) So from the science of nature we've had a cure from day one, now to save the golden calf, you know the printed money, start printing from all countries who are allowed to print. Assemble all available aircraft capable of carrying large loads of Bentonite Clay that could be ejected from a blower which would disperse over the so-called blob in the Pacific.  The Blob now hugs the coast of North America from Mexico to Alaska and beyond, over a stretch of 2,000 miles. (3,200 km)  Work this up and down every shoreline and where we need help, would be a great start in slowly neutralizing this monster instead of waiting for half life to kick in.  Clay absorbs radiation period, so your choice, be that hero or go down in history as the cruelest humans ever, people will forgive for the ones who try!  Another thing in our favor is the rolling waves of the ocean, negative ions are naturally generated by evaporating water, ocean surf, waterfalls and ionic minerals such as Tourmaline.  We also have this action at home, the shower. 

Get busy and start flying missions day and night so we can start reducing this fallout. Acidification of water and soil in some cases caused by radiation which is in the environment from the beginning of time and how we end up with cancers but at the same time the planet has her own remedy which I highly recommend.  

Also for growers of food and livestock the clay can be introduced along with Magnesium in soils which will pull radiation away from the crops and grasses. This also needs to be applied to all fresh open water, lakes, rivers and streams that have been infected.  We can test areas before application if money is a worry but at this point, the money is worthless Mate.

Now for the common soul on this planet and this included the animals. Vegetables and fruits that are alkaline (containing a higher pH), reduce the acidification in the blood. These alkaline foods include cabbage, broccoli, chard, sweet potatoes, green beans, cucumbers, pears, apples, cantaloupe and raspberries.  French Green Clay is also very helpful for humans and animals of all kinds.  People around the world have been ingesting natural clays for centuries to maintain general health and for detox purposes and we're at that point!

Working with negative ions helps in every way with reducing positively charged elements, garments containing Polyvinyl chloride know as Teviron was invented in Japan over 30 years ago.  Now how about that, from the cause comes some help, see this is not over we just have to get busy, luck is not a factor nor is deception.  I know I bust your balls, (the controllers) mine were put on an anvil but at the same time, I care for your sorry sack and all inhabitants.


We're not blind Mates, this is science.

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