Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our First Openly Asshole President

The way things are going seems we need an asshole to whip the assholes in shape, that is our heads of state.  I mean this is old school, you got some tough guy that needs to be tended to, the thing here is you need someone meaner. Guess it's the Donald, four of my favorite comments.

Hillary Clinton — Hillary Clinton was the worst secretary of State in the history of the United States, Trump told Business Insider. If Hillary Clinton can't satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?

Bill Cosby — Trump said he believed the sexual assault allegations against the comedian, calling him "guilty as hell." “I’ve known him, and I’ve never liked him,” Trump said in a July radio interview. “I think he is a highly overrated guy, both in talent and in many other ways,”

Macy’s — Trump called for a boycott after the department store dropped his men’s clothing line. "I hope the boycott of Macys continues forever. So many people are cutting up their cards. Macy's stores suck and they are bad for U.S.A.,” he tweeted on July 16. “Boycott Macys, no guts, no glory. Besides, there are far better stores!” he tweeted later.

The Wall Street Journal — Trump has had a long feud with owner Rupert Murdoch. After the paper questioned his candidacy, Trump tweeted on July 20: “The ever dwindling WSJ which is worth about 1/10 of what it was purchased for, is always hitting me politically. Who cares!”

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