Friday, August 7, 2015

America needs a Skipper

 Need to grow a pair
Nothing but Brass Balls and that's the Donald, shooting from the hip not looking at any notes the man is focused and not worrying about being politically correct. No more time for lollipop suckers being supported by donors only where the American people get left behind.  The ideology of politics has become a selfinisum issue, a continuing practice of me with no regard for you.  The Donald has opened a door where no politician dares to tread for the umbilical cord of money would be cut off.  Foreign and domestic policies can be learned, we have a brain for this experience but right frickin now, we don't need another politician.

The last three administrations along with Congress has put America in the dirt, the worst of this is we have more enemies now than ever before.  So much hatred towards the United States and it wasn't the average man or women of this country who caused this, a machine heart and machine mind has brought death to America's door.  Not going to go through all the scenarios in this post because easily you're experiencing many already. I'll tell ya what, things are not going in the public's way and this is the last straw.  We don't have to wait to get what we want, simply maintain your life existence on only what you need, (no new nothing) in a couple of quarters all these Jagoffs will be crying and wonder how you became so strong, talk about market manipulation.  This is so easy where you could do this by simply watching reruns of I Dream of Jeannie and eating Cheetos, now that's a Donald.                  

Fox News

Gonna show you why they call me Lighting

We have many people like the Donald, maybe not the money but with tough attitudes and a lust for a True North Course.  The economy is a Bozo Circus that creates market bubbles and pop, at which point big money comes in after creating the disaster and scoops up properties for pennies on the dollar from the poor sap who got whipped out and finds himself in a soup line. Happened before and she'll happen again but if the lower class of society which is the bulk of a country's GDP, consumers and workers decide not to play on the game board they would create a bubble in the market and buy pennies on the dollar of fallen controlled properties.  Reverse the play where the shoe is on the other foot, this would hit the market like lighting and turn the control of properties and resources.  Fact, the common man has hardly any overhead to maintain, a squeeze in the market caused by this new breed would force large conglomerates to spend profits to stay afloat at which point would drain resources of no sales of surplus.

So either we continue the feeding at the park like pigeons or become locusts and swoop in on the corn field and devour everything in sight.  This is how winning is done.



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