Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving World

Scott and Kjell

Ya know, Thanksgiving is the understanding of your surroundings and knowing where your progress came from, along with support. The abundance you worked for and the gratitude shared at the dinner table, which is, at it's largest assortment of food brought by many during a Thanksgiving Feast.  In thanks, we give sharing.

So let's go aboard The ISS with Commander Scott Kelly and Flight Engineer Kjell Lindgren of NASA and experience a Thanksgiving wish from the crew and see what kind of assortment we have at the table for Thanksgiving Dinner on Station.

At 2:53 (time stamp) Commander Scott Kelly, "We don't have much of this stuff so I hope he enjoys that cause that was his Thanksgiving dinner right there".  Good that you're the Commander Sir, that would break anybody in!

Happy Thanksgiving Team NASA and Flight Engineer Kjell Lindgren I think?  The Commander pulled you in at 2:22 "it's ah, smoked Turkey if Kjell, I don't know if you want to open that up?"

Nice roll out!
Happy Thanksgiving Mates


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