Monday, November 30, 2015

Volcanic Activity Report and Negative Ions

The volcanic activity around the world is at an abnormal amount, usually, 10 to 20 volcanoes are active, today we have thirty.  This is particularly interesting that most of the activity is in The Pacific Ring of Fire, with that what unusual problem do we have with our Pacific Ocean as in die offs and bleaching of coral which is acidification.  Toxic nuclear waste is very acidic, nothing thrives around an ejection vent of a coastal Nuke Plant, the pH is out of balance.  What's in balance is the planet, greatest factory and maintenance engineer we know and have learned from and seems she's on the case, I mean the planet has been dealing with radiation long before humans showed up.  The two basic forms of which would be a magnetic field and negative ions, the volcanoes in the Pacific Rim spewing ash into the atmosphere has a positive effect (as in health) on radiation by speeding up the half-life of unstable nuclei encountered by a negative ion which is volcanic ash.

Some of these plums reach into the jet stream, Mt. St. Helen's plum rose to 101,700 ft, Mt. Pinatubo's plume reached 147,600 ft. where this ash will travel far distances even around the globe mixing in with land, sea and air.  The only problem is the process takes a long time to stable an unbalanced element naturally but that's the world's clock and you can hear it ticking on what we screwed up.  Yeah, we screwed up but shouldn't hide from it because the lack or know how, shame that it will bring to the nuclear industry of accountability, for nature is showing her face and you can't get her to lie.  But with that comes the truth long ago of the engineering of elements in an environment which creates and maintains all life, following this schematic we can find ourselves adding to a fix instead of discourse.  The data on Fukushima is not good and once again look at what's happening around Japan and Indonesia, much volcanic activity which will spread in the atmosphere like the ongoing radiation from Fukushima.

As time goes by you will be hearing more on the positive effects negative ions have in life.  With all the independent studies of nuclear waste and not knowing what to do and money holding it at bay, we could transform the GEO Engineering planes to spread Ash, Clay and Magnesium (helps pull radiation from plants) just outside the rolling waves of the coastal waters (rolling waves cause negative ions and she'll act like a blender) and inland to help neutralize soil for farming.  As for the water, our great concern is tritium isotope, produced from a nuclear reactor once introduced to water this is an element hacker of the worst kind by replacing a single hydrogen element with it's own and becoming water!  We have to work on that one, is there time?  I don't know but by the looks of things, if we keep pussy footing around with exposure, we're next after the whales as far as bio-accumulation is concerned or once again is it that $1 Malibu Beach Home that you really don't want to wait for.                    

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