Monday, February 22, 2016

Good and Evil the Architect of Truth

Graham Hancock is a British writer and journalist, Hancock specializes in unconventional theories involving ancient civilizations, stone monuments or megaliths, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths and astronomical/astrological data from the past.  In his research from studying ancient Egypt, when it came time for one to pass on from this life his and\or her's heart was weighed against a feather.  The meaning was your heart heavy with discourse, abuse or caring and sharing with your fellow man? or all creatures for that matter.

Science alone does not include the spirit of man, I can tell you from my own experience of hunting with dogs I had more respect for fallen prey than my animal friend or myself.  A Hunter's Heart, where the harvest of food gives you substance for life and truly grateful to be nourished.  With the dog, no prey would go to waste if only wounded, lost from sight under heavy brush or dive deep like ducks will and lock on to underwater foliage to avoid its predator and drown.  I can remember hunting without a dog and losing my prey where I would search for hours and come up short.  My friends would call out to me, to get back in the blind, saying there will be more coming but for me this was the one, I was responsible for that life.  Sure Mother Nature would see to it that another predator, insects and the soil alone would consume the bird but this left me empty, I had failed in the retrieve and weighed heavy on my heart.

The world today is a very dark place in or history, many of the world leaders and corporation has no regarded to the planet or the populaces.  The spirit of man is a dim light at best, yet if we look back on ancient civilizations we find a balance with all around us in which not long ago a good example was Native Indians and not hard to find in our history books.  Hancock goes deep into ancient cultures unraveling the architect of truth. Author Geoff Stray released his best sellingbook Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Awakening?  In which he cites Graham Hancock as one of his inspirations and as a guidepost to point others to do their own investigation into the wonder of ancient societies.  The good of man is not lost but evil has chosen a path to condemn the ones who try to go against it.  We'll continue to dig deep and not let our fellow man be lost in the sands of time, of what they knew and discovering who or why any of us are here.

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