Friday, March 11, 2016

Nuclear in Memory of 3/11

Documentary director Jeffrey Jousan:

“It is very telling about the situation in Fukushima. It is hard for everyone who is affected by the tsunami, who lost their homes and lost their families. But in Fukushima people are not able to go back home. They are unable to work because people won’t buy food from Fukushima, farmers cannot farm anymore. It is affecting people and more people are dying because of that." (end Jeffrey Jousan)

This disaster is not going away anytime soon, it amazes me that world governments have not printed the money to fund cleanup operations when interest rates are 0 to a negative rate. This is a world problem and worrying about who is the blame will not cure the problem. The interest seems to be only the economy and saving it from collapse.

March 11, 2011, marks the fifth anniversary of the tsunami that led to the Fukushima disaster. No schedule has been set for the removal of the molten nuclear fuel inside the reactors and estimates are 50 years from the date of the disaster to clean the area. To end all arguments on nuclear, if it were safe we would not need to bury it.

R.I.P. who've died in the 3/11 disaster and GOD'S speed to come to our senses that this is a world problem.

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Mark Brewer February 10, 2016, at 12:17 PM

Yeah, and now the tools for the fix, the data is in, thanks to others on Fukushima. I've been working on health with radiation and cancer. First was my dog, fatty tumors (GMO in feed beginning in the 90s) then the cat, gastrointestinal lymphoma probably from her favorite, Tuna. Then me heavy bleeding from stool, well the last 4 years the test to fight such problems has been ingesting negative ions. The cat was given 2 weeks to live, she lived another year! The dog's shoulder tumor was too far gone but shrank all fatty tumors! Myself, however, was bleeding like a stuffed pig and I'm writing this with a reflection of clear water in the toilet.  What brought me to do this was the planet fought radiation in few ways before we were here, magnetic field, atmosphere, negative ions and time. We can aid in healing the ocean and help what life is left of her. Nature has always had the remedy for every lake, river, stream and field.  By God, this works and just sharing.

Digestible clay one of the more popular is the 'French Green Clay' which Russia put in chocolate bars during Chernobyl meltdown and handed out to the residents. Bentonite Clay, the Earth is loaded with clay, 70% of Bentonite mining in the world is in Wyoming, so access is near by.  Also, volcanic eruption forming ash helps us and the planet. Magnesium, this will even help wick away radiation from plants when added to the soil. Since radiation is acidic to water alkaline will help stable low pH in water of the tidal pools, Baking Soda has a pH of 8.

Sprayed like the Geo-Engineering we retrofit the aircraft with the mix I'm mentioning and fly low level spraying up and down the coastline just outside the rolling waves which we can use as a blender for the mix.  Rolling waves, waterfalls, rain showers all create negative ions on their own, also simply walking through the grass. Your shower at home creates negative ions that's why you feel refreshed coming out of the shower you've been discharged, you don't feel this way when taking a bath.

Clay is a negatively charged ion, whereas radioactive material carries a positive ionic charge.  Bentonite Clay adsorbs and absorbs by capturing positively charged ions.

As for the dog and cat, well NuVet Labs has the answer to detox your pets and all due respect to the professionals in the biology world along with the FDA I experimented with the mix on myself, that's right, what I gave to the animals I was my own Guinea pig and glad I did it! Their product comes from 8 years of study.

Some links on all this, I'm tired of the doom and gloom, everybody here you have a nice day now, for we have the tools to win!  We just need some of our government's aircraft and by the way, I'll fly the missions for free, I'm also a pilot.

Don't have any fear we just engineer.


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