Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hillary's Bus Dumps Toilet Waste on Street

DNC claims it was not their bus?
The DNC bus for Hillary, 'Forward Together' bumps all the human waste from the toilet storage tank into the streets of Lawrenceville, Georgia right into the storm drain.  The campaign bus just left the Gwinnett County voting site and instead of going to an RV waste dump site in Georgia state (many to choose from) which will coast $10.00 or less to empty the tank properly, the campaign team just decides to shit the street.  Where else have the DNC done this?

Unbelievable, tell ya what, the DNC needs to call Cubs manager Joe Maddon and order some team t-shirts. Try Not to Suck!    


DNC claims honest mistake for not spending $10.00

Here's some main stream on the shit dump by DNC Hillary bus.  Lets see if this gets pulled from YouTube.


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