Sunday, October 16, 2016

James Comey has Demoralized the FBI

James Comey has Demoralized the FBI and the faith of America as a nation. The judicial system of the U.S. has sunk to the lowest level in our history.  It has shown the people of America that there are two sets of law.  Number one, you break the law you will be prosecuted and number two, a person who is part of the structure of U.S. judicial system can wave prosecution of criminal injustice when it's one of your own.  This has not only tarnished the FBI bureau but the procedure which justice represents as a whole.  More broadly this focuses on the spineless leadership of the current Congress which is the 114th.  You gentleman are clearly bought and sold and do no represent America which separates the people from the United States government associated with its 'crony criminal class'.

Moving forward from this dysfunctional government will be easy, we won't miss you.  The only thing the U.S. government (the 114th) has going for it at this point in time, it's the worst performing government, congratulation you've made history.

FBI agents dismayed by failure to charge Clinton.

Fox News

It Gets Worse

From Laura Ingraham radio show, Oct 13, 2016, former US Atty for District of Columbia Joe DiGenova explains the outrageous behavior of FBI Director James Comey with the simple declaration: "Comey is a dirty cop", and in this interview makes his case to support that.

Laura Ingraham


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