Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Wins! Markets Crash!

Dow Futures, look at that dive after 7:00 PM

America had a revelation, 11/8/16 @ 7:00 PM EST, the markets already predicted the win of the U.S. Presidency, Donald Trump.  "Stocks futures off 700 pts are proving that there is inbreeding between Washington and Wall Street!" coming from a quote on Market Watch. At one point, the Nikkei was off 1000 pts, Gold up $51.00, Crude down to $43.00,  What's up, though, is Morale.  Leading U.S., to the legitimacy of our moral morale, because Bozo Circus is under investigation. The Markets (White Shoe Boys of Wall Street) didn't think it would happen!

Yessir, across the Globe, markets tanked!  The Markets do not like uncertainty, TRUMP WINS!  The Donald is The 45th President of The United States. The Republicans have held onto both the Senate and the House.

Update: Market coming off its lows @ 3: 00 AM EST 11/9/16.  At 9:00 AM Markets recover. Gold peaked $1,340 at midnight and settles $1,276 at the close today.  Oil's low @ 10:30 PM was $43, by noon it rose to $46 and settles at $45.38.

Holy Cow! Cubs Win! Trump Wins!
The 45th President of The United States
'Try not to Suck!

We March!

"We have fantastic people"

Time for that Fact Checker

Trump tells Clinton that he would put her in jail. The Second Presidential Debate Town Hall - Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

Fear set in, Hilary went to bed, on election night, no appearance, the poor dears. The Clinton's are no cupcakes, Hilary fought a hard campaign but for American society, it was a bridge too far.

ABC15 Arizona

I'll take care of Syria, Mr. President

The modern day 'Patton', President Vladimir Putin.

I watched the election streaming from Market Watch and RT, as the markets tanked and the election unfolded live from RT, I realized I was watching Russian TV for the first time for coverage on the U.S. Presidential election, which was a landslide because Trump takes key swing states. I also just realized, were the polls different anywhere else?

Thanks, 'Patton', I mean Putin, Sir


Donald Trump's Acceptance Speech

WJBK | FOX 2 News Detroit

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